Palberta Announce Palberta5000 LP Due January 22nd via Wharf Cat Records + Share New Single

October 12, 2020
Chloe Carrasco

Palberta Announce Palberta5000 LP

Palberta5000 out January 22nd on Wharf Cat Records

Two years removed from their triumphant 2018 LP Roach Going Down, which Pitchfork described as “a leap to another level” from the beloved NYC trio, Palberta are returning to deliver their clear-eyed fifth album, Palberta5000 due out January 22nd, 2021 on Wharf Cat Records.

While long heralded as one of the most original and idiosyncratic bands in the East Coast DIY scene, earning regular comparisons to left-field music legends like ESG (Pitchfork), Captain Beefheart (Rolling Stone), CAN and Yoko Ono (FADER), on their new album, Ani Ivry-Block, Lily Konigsberg, and Nina Ryser max out traditional pop forms to create their own hardcore style of popular music, expanding their sound and polishing their production to make the most accessible album of their career to date.

The album’s first single “Before I Got Here,” makes plain the evolution of the Palberta’s approach. Clocking in at 3 minutes and 30 seconds (which makes it one of the longest songs in the catalog of a band whose songs have traditionally maxed out around the one minute mark), the track bursts with a barely contained exuberance. Immediate verse and chorus melodies appear over a driving guitar and bass exchange that reveals increasing complexities as it charges forward, and layers of vocal harmonies pile on before Palberta arrive at a stuttering, trumpet abetted coda. It’s a showcase of the band’s thrilling compositional prowess that is taken to another level by their characteristic sense of fun and their singular chemistry.

Palberta continues to excite us, with their passionate drive and their enigmatic force behind each instrumentation. “Before I Got Here” is an addictive new track, carefully flittering between the rapid-fire momentum to bold stop-starts and alternating time signatures and their complimenting vocal harmonies. As these gritty noodles start to surge through, the buoyant bass notes mixed with the fierce drum beats and the insatiable hook- these standout factors all come together to provide such an ample and immersive exploration.

Palberta5000 was recorded with Matt Lambozza (PALM, Shimmer), whose Peekskill, New York, studio is located in the original home and family lamp-store of Paul Reuben (Pee Wee Herman). Fueled by carrots, celery, radishes, and peanut-butter-and-jelly bagels, they diligently tracked Palberta5000’s well-rehearsed songs in four days, never putting down more than three takes. Lambozza’s recording and mix capture the band’s rollicking instrumentation and vocal precision.

Palberta 5000 will be released on Wharf Cat Records on January 22nd, 2021. It is available for preorder here.

1. No Way
2. Big Bad Want
3. Never To Go
4. The Cow
5. Fragile Place
6. In Again
7. Hey!
8. Red Antz
9. Summer Sun
10. Eggs n’ Bac’
11. Corner Store
12. I’m Z’done
13. Something In The Way
14. The Way That You Do
15. All Over My
16. Before I Got Here

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