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Otzeki Return With New Single ‘Sweet Sunshine’

October 12, 2020
Photo Credit: Holly Whittaker.

Otzeki  Return With New Single

‘Sweet Sunshine’

2 years after their breakthrough debut album, subversive electronic-punk provocateurs Otzeki return with their new single ‘Sweet Sunshine’, out now via Akira Records.

Otzeki’s new track‘Sweet Sunshine’, is described as being forged from a twisted guitar riff and dextrous electronic programming from Joel Roberts who creates an unsettling, dystopian soundscape for enigmatic singer Mike Sharp’s incendiary falsetto. An instantly exciting proposition; Otzeki manage to be both confrontational and disruptive whilst also undeniably pop.

Sweet Sunshine is a colossal arrangement in every way possible- but this is Otzeki so we expect nothing less. Otzeki find a rhythm that quickly becomes its own trance, that rhythm is destined to captivate all that encounter this profound act. A buoyant beat moves this arrangement with the deep layers of electronic elements and a taste for intensive exploration. The addictive lyrics allure all and hook you, the lustrous harmonies feel warm and inviting despite the darker tendencies to this orchestration. As this irresistible whirlwind of sounds collide together, it’s the ethereal melody that melts you.

Otzeki – the project of cousins Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts – was born after a semi drunken jam on a partly functioning Yamaha AN200 drum machine and a Fender Jaguar guitar. Taking their name from a misremembered Russian author, their blend of carefully sourced electronics, luscious electric guitar and falsetto vocals has been the longstanding formula of the project which has seen them tour Europe, UK and USA. 

Otzeki are easily one of the most impressive acts around.


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