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Magik Markers Set To Release New Album ‘2020’ October 23rd via Drag City – Album Feature | Gavin Brown

October 22, 2020

Magik Markers Set To Release New Album ‘2020’ October 23rd via Drag City

Album Feature

Magik Markers reside from Hartford, Connecticut and play a hazy kind of noise rock, the kind that the bands former touring mates Sonic Youth are renowned for and the band have a truly impressive back catalogue of material ranging from their first released material back in 2002.

Magik Markers haven’t released anything now for a good while now (since 2013 in fact) but are back with their long awaited new album 2020 which follows on from Isolated From Exterior Time: 2020, an EP which preceded this full album of new material and it is finally time for them to unleash this new music to their loyal fans.

The band wastes no time in reintroducing themselves with their hypnotic feedback-laden style of rock with the instant summery vibes of Surf’s Up and what follows is a nonstop wave of riffs and grooves that make for a hugely enjoyable listen. Whether it’s or the more upbeat likes of That Dream (Shitty Beach) and Find You Rude or the more downbeat (albeit hauntingly beautiful) Born Dead and the epic CDROM, the sound of Magik Markers is one of joy, joy in a longing way, joy in anger and joy in looking back in a nostalgic fashion. All of these are valid ways of looking at the music of Magik Markers but it is the joy contained in their music that connects them and it is prevalent throughout 2020.

Elisa Ambrogios vocals sound better than ever and although her vocals style is without a doubt her own, there is a definite PJ Harvey vibe to them in the way they are delivered and it fits the bands music perfectly. It also has to be said  that despite the lo-if nature of the bands sound, 2020 is a huge sounding album and the songs match that hugeness. It can be understated at times but it works throughout and the band know exactly what they are doing with their sound.

It’s great to have Magik Markers back especially after all this time and the fact that the band are still making such vital music is a testament to their passion and experience and 2020 is the sound of the band still expanding with their music and sounding all the better for it.

Magik Markers 2020 out 23rd October via Drag City.



Words: Gavin Brown

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