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Lost Horizons Unveil New Track “Grey Tower” Featuring Tim Smith of Midlake

October 31, 2020

Lost Horizons Unveil New Track “Grey Tower” Featuring Tim Smith of Midlake

Share video for “Cordelia” directed by Jonathan Caouette

New LP “In Quiet Moments” out 26th February via Bella Union

Lost Horizons share their new track “Grey Tower” which features former Midlake singer Tim Smith on guest vocals. Taken from their upcoming LP In Quiet Moments, due out 26th February.

This utterly unique and beautiful voice transcends over the warming and consuming instrumentation paving the way for this intricate exploration. The perfect collaboration for this compelling composition.

Of the track Simon Raymonde of Lost Horizons says:

I have always gravitated towards voices that are doused with but preferably drowning in melancholy. When I heard Tim sing with Midlake for the first time in 2004, I was excited both by his abilities as an author, to create strange visionary characters within their own world, inhabiting these songs, and for the unique quality in his voice to move even the most cold-hearted soul. That I managed to tease another song out of him (Smith also contributed “She Led Me Away” on our debut Ojalá) as he works away on his long-awaited debut album with his new band Harp, feels almost wrong, but I know that when you are working alone on your own music you sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees, and having a new project to work on, can seem like a good idea. A break from the rituals. 

When I began recording this piece I think the music SCREAMED “yearning for Tim Smith” literally as the notes were playing themselves. We are blessed to have one of the most affecting voices in modern music grace our wee tune.” 

Tim Smith adds: “Honestly, it almost didn’t happen.  It should’ve been a breeze to sing over since the original backing track Simon and Richie made seemed so well suited for me. However, the search for the right melody was a big mystery, eluding me for weeks, till I nearly threw in the towel. Music never seems to come easy to me, so this was not unfamiliar territory.  An idea did finally strike in the final hours, allowing everything to fall into place.” 

Lost Horizons have also shared an extraordinary montage video full of striking imagery for the track “Cordelia” directed by visionary filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, who also created the video for John Grant’s classic “Glacier”.

Caouette says of the film: For me, “Cordelia” is a meditation on a mesh of feelings I think we’re all reflecting on right now: memory, loss, the interconnectedness of love and sadness, and the inescapability of impermanence.” 

A stunning visual piece that perfect encapsulates the stunning soundtrack. This magnificent soundscape is a marvel, the gorgeous dreamy atmosphere will devour you. Amongst this vivid world created in 7 minutes, the addition of Grant’s emotive vocal tones brings in this new stirring element. Lost Horizons have carefully created and captured an essence of affection, resolution, and realness. An expansive world enriched with heartfelt harmonies and expressive experimentation.

Part 1:

1. Halcyon – Lost Horizons feat. Penelope Isles

2. I Woke Up With An Open Heart – Lost Horizons. feat. The Hempolics

3. Grey Tower – Lost Horizons feat. Tim Smith

4. Linger – Lost Horizons feat. Gemma Dunleavy

5. One For Regret – Lost Horizons feat. Porridge Radio

6. Every Beat That Passed – Lost Horizons feat. Kavi Kwai

7. Nobody Knows My Name – Lost Horizons feat. Cameron Neal

8. Cordelia – Lost Horizons feat. John Grant

Part 2:

9. In Quiet Moments – Lost Horizons feat. Ural Thomas

10. Circle – Lost Horizons feat. C Duncan

11. Unravelling In Slow Motion – Lost Horizons feat. Ren Harvieu

12. Blue Soul – Lost Horizons feat. Laura Groves

13. Flutter – Lost Horizons feat. Rosie Blair

14. Marie – Lost Horizons feat. Marissa Nadler

15. Heart Of A Hummingbird – Lost Horizons feat. KookieLou

16. This Is The Weather – Lost Horizons feat. Karen Peris

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