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Landshapes Share Two New Tracks- Taken From Forthcoming Album Due 20th November Via Bella Union

October 27, 2020
photocredit: Coen Rees

Landshapes share two new tracks ‘Drama’ and ‘Let Me Be’

Third album “Contact” due 20th November via Bella Union

Landshapes have shared two new tracks from their upcoming album Contact, due for release 20th November via Bella Union.

According to the band, the first track ‘Drama’ is about  “the imbalance of emotional labour that can happen between men and women, and in those instances all the work women often have to do to manage and protect fragile egos. The Choruses offer something a bit more sympathetic.

Drama aptly is dramatic, from the piercing notes and angular elements introducing the forcible and demanding vocal attributes. This arrangement has this devious disco essence to the track, found in the drum fills, the bass beat, and the whirling electronics gaining traction in the atmosphere. The compelling vocal harmonies hook you and you can feel the passion of this execution from all involved. Landshapes know how to make hypnotic instrumentations with layers of experimental passages, which sets them apart.

The second track the band have shared is titled ‘Let Me Be’ and is “an inside-out critique of white male self-entitlement set to a whirligig of organs, chants and fuzzy math-rock guitars.

Landshapes cover so much ground within their projections, Let Me Be is a triumphant anthem. Chaos consumes this track but the chanting of the lustrious lyrics hook you. The vocals stand at the fore-frotn grabbing your attention, intwining your emotions to the story behind these lyrics. Whilst the destructive instrumentation devours the journey.

Loneliness, isolation, alienation, the need for connection and community. The salient themes of our times resonate with a haunting, predictive and vital power on the third album from London four-piece Landshapes

Contact is an album that digs deep into the past, looks ahead to the future and burns with vivid life in the present, where its mind-expanding soundscapes, beguiling melodies and resonating emotions exude a tremendous in-the-moment vibrancy.

“Contact” due 20th November via Bella Union



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