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King Hannah Share New Single “Meal Deal” – Debut EP “Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine” out November 20th on City Slang

October 31, 2020
Photo credit: Lucy McLachlan


Liverpool duo announce debut EP 
Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine’ out November 20th on City Slang
New single & video “Meal Deal” online now

After recently singing to City Slang, Liverpool duo King Hannah have announced details of their debut EP ‘Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine’, which will be released on November 20th.
The Liverpool band led by the creative force of Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle have arrived with a debut EP that is both soothing in its moods and intoxicating in its rushing soundscapes. Their neon guitar lines and intimate torchlight vocals put the everyday on a pedestal, lifted by melodic licks that swell into dense and swirling atmospheric textures. 
With the announcement comes new single “Meal Deal” and an accompanying video. The track sees smoky backroom Americana transposed onto the precarity of finding somewhere to live, as Hannah’s relaxed vocal talks of malnourished spiders in baths and overpriced flats with too many bathrooms. 
Speaking on the video Hannah comments: “We had the pleasure of shooting Meal Deal at the beautiful and iconic Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool, which Craig directed, shot and edited. We wanted to utilise the unique space we had, it’s such an old theatre with all these unsettling green corridors and dark corners, which complement the moodiness of the song really well. We also wanted to make it theatrical, and so the stage, spotlights and empty auditorium became a location that the video could build towards, almost like a finale. Hopefully it has that indie, homemade feel with a touch of drama and suspense.”

Meal Deal” is more than you bargained for. A sublime 7-minute exploration. Such deep textures emitting from the carefully controlled but seemingly chaotic atmosphere. From the manipulated waves that introduce the track creating this ominous essence, then the guitar strums gently joining the mesmerizing vocals. The initial journey feels intimate and striking before a sudden injection of intensive strikes and fierce riffs. Warm layers aid to the colossal soundscape built up to the heightened crescendo.

The deep and soulful vocals similar to that of Emma Ruth Rundle, Lana Del Ray, PJ Harvey and Julia Stone– the comparisons are worthy but Hannah Merrick is a force to be reckoned with- and a name we’ve already urged you to familiarize yourself with. Throughout this new track, yet again the lyrical journey becomes a bed of these harrowing harmonies that will hypnotize. Merrick’s musical attributes will send shivers up your spine. The vocal harmonies complemented by this expansive atmosphere crafted with the instrumentation. Let’s not forget the momentous soundscape is that of just 2 people.

King Hannah will devour you. Easily one of the most compelling new outfits of our time.

Craig formed King Hannah before Hannah knew anything about it. He had seen her performing years before, but they didn’t meet until she was assigned to show him the ropes at the bar job they’d both taken on to get by while still making music. He immediately pestered her to play some music with him, and they started a routine, spending the hours before work at Craig’s house, where for a long time Hannah could not pluck up the courage to play him her own music. “That went on for a year,” said Hannah, while Craig just waited patiently for her to play. When they finally got to writing their own songs together, everything clicked into place.  
Both had played in bands before, but until they started King Hannah, neither had found what they were looking for. Hannah grew up in Tan Lan, the world’s smallest village in North Wales, and can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a singer. Craig started playing guitar age 13, and was taught Jackson Browne songs by his older brother. Within a year he was playing in bands. All this changed as soon as they formed King Hannah. “It’s just about finding the right people. When I go to Craig with some chords and lyrics, he just gets it,” says Hannah. “If we hadn’t found each other, I don’t know where we would be,” says Craig. 
Led by Hannah and Craig, the density of their sound comes from the combination of their guitar and vocals with support from Ted White, Jake Lipiec and Olly Gorman. Inspired by the vocals of Mazzy Star and guitars of Kurt Vile, Hannah writes lyrics first thing in the morning and lets her mind spill onto the page, and they contain all the raw vulnerability and mundane reflections of that mental space. This vulnerability is something Hannah feels acutely on stage, but is also what makes their music so magnetic. “There’s nothing pretend about us,” she says – the grit in their sound and her voice speaks volumes. “We don’t want to sound clean or polished,” says Craig, “we want to sound real, and dynamic and authentic.” 

‘Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine’ EP track list:
1. And Then Out Of Nowhere, It Rained
2. Meal Deal
3. Bill Tench
4. Crème Brûlée
5. The Sea Has Stretch Marks
6. Reprise (Moving Day)



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