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JELLIES Release Jackie EP on Sheffield’s Delicious Clam Records

October 12, 2020


Release Jackie EP on Sheffield’s Delicious Clam label

Jellies is a California-Sheffield link-up between bedroom musicians Adam Van der Veer (Chillian Murphy) and Tommy Wilson. Jackie is their second offering, having self-released the debut EP Daunt in early 2019. The pair collaborate digitally, taking turns on guitar, bass and drums to lend their take on basement noise pop.

Tommy says of new single, “So”: “It had to be the single and the opener because it doesn’t waste any time getting to the point, and it’s just fuzzy and big.

I liked how there were barely any songs on [Minutemen’s] ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’ over like 2 minutes in length, so we sort of shot for that. I think it’s probably better to say too little than too much.

It’s kind of about like when you’re driving along a cliff side and you’re thinking “Should I just drive off?” But you don’t and you should just chill and not think like that.”

Having still never met in real life, the pair first came into contact when California-based Adam recorded a vocal part over one of the instrumentals that Tommy put on Bandcamp and sent it to him. Tommy loved it, and two records later they haven’t looked back. They also initially bonded over HBO’s The Staircase; sharing their own true crime theories. 

They send guitar parts back and forth, with Adam on vocal duties, and both playing drums and bass guitar until the song is fully formed. Correspondence is via email and Instagram DMs, and occasionally via snail mail.

Tommy says: “Adam plays/records solo as Chillian Murphy, and is quite prolific. I played a bit of guitar and drums on his latest record Idiot King which was nice because I love his solo stuff too. Adam played a show with Jay Som when she was in the band Mammals / Summer Peaks.”

They admit, “we’re psyched about a Clam release because we love Crawlies and All Girls Arson Club, and I [Tommy] have been to a bunch of gigs there too – Crack Cloud was one of the best things I’ve ever seen live. Obviously Jellies won’t be playing gigs any time soon but maybe we’ll do something via hologram, or a DJ set or something.”

Jackie is out now having been released officially on Friday 9th October via Delicious Clam. The limited tape run is 20 numbered cassettes with cover art from local Oakland artist Demi Boelsterli. They add, “Our last single had artwork by Sheffield illustrator (and Sister Wives drummer) Lisa O’Hara, so we take the Sheffield/Oakland split seriously!”

Jackie is a momentous record to loose yourself within. The first track “So” showcases the gritty tone that Jellies relish in. Using their tone and infectious distortion to gain some serious traction for this arrangement. The lyrics and rhythmical journey captivate. It may be a short track but it’s such an ardent and melodious instrumentation, the perfect introduction to your new favourite band.

The title track follows with the attention on the surging and complex riff, the ample distortion that went before has softened, making way for the complimenting vocals and vast atmosphere the band craft on the composition. CTBF quickly flows and packs a punch, rhythm at the forefront of this track. CTBF focuses on this fuzzy power-pop energy and brash vocal harmonies.

Cut It Out breaks the intensity of the aura that Jellies have built so far. The sudden clarity paves the wave for a slower, more delicate progression for the duo. With some serious Isaac Brock noodles and rich guitar strokes adding to the emotive dreamy atmosphere created on this track, it’s a refreshing take showing Jellies more serious side. Tracks such as “Belly” and “House of Fire” provide an essence of melancholy, this is perceived in their enriched 90s-emo air found in the powerful delivery and the attitude in both of these tracks.

This EP is a phenomenal effort from a duo who exude such passion and energy. The EP takes some unexpected twists and turns and keeps the listener intently fixated on the expansive atmosphere of this full-sounding record. This immersive experience is infectious, it connects to those in awe of Jellies. The pair capture so much in their own vision, reflecting some kind of melodic 90s throwback alt-rock acts. With empowering vocals, filthy bass hooks and brutal tone- you can’t fault this heightened release from this enigmatic act.

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