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Gulfer Share New Video and Single “Nature Kids”

October 5, 2020
Louis-Philippe Desaulniers

Gulfer share new video and single “Nature Kids

Gulfer out 16th October via
Royal Mountain Records and Topshelf Records

Gulfer are sharing the final single from their upcoming self-titled record, out on Royal Mountain Records and Topshelf Records on October 16th. “Nature Kids” follows “Forget (Friendly)” and “Heat Wave“, once again showcasing their ability to shift effortlessly between dynamic, reflective, and robust passages to craft complex yet exciting arrangements. An homage to endless summer and 90s skate tapes, the video charts the path of a young skater as he hangs out with his best friend, learns the drums, plays video games and crushes ramps.

“Nature Kids”is a deliriously bold explosion of maximum melody, swirling beats, escalating time signatures, break-out signature tapping and hard-hitting energy. “Nature Kids” will quickly become one of your new favorite tracks, Gulfer are back and rapidly making the world a better place.

Fall into their swaying motions emitting from their powerful and infectious instrumentation. Their immersive and far-reaching atmosphere created from the first few notes pulls the audience in and highlights how Gulfer craft high-octane work exuding harmony, emotion, and intense drive.

Vocalist/guitarist Vincent Ford explains: “The video takes its inspiration from old skate movies like Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream and features skaters from a local brand called Blacklisted. We wanted to replicate the feel-good vibes in those late ‘90s skate videos and capture that “endless summer” feeling: hanging out with your buds and wishing the summer would never end. Joey’s lyrics capture that feeling, and we feel like the video does, too!”

Having spent the past couple years wavering between self-doubt and having it figured out, Montreal’s Gulfer have returned to the fore with their third full-length record. Composed of thirteen tracks of intricate, dexterous, and incredibly fun, punk-inspired emo tunes, Gulfer sees the Montreal quartet settled into their own with a career-defining record. 

Set to be released via the venerable Topshelf Records, as well as with the band’s first ever Canadian label in Royal Mountain Records, Gulfer is expansive in a way that sets it apart from the debut What Gives and the Pitchfork-approved Dog Bless. Delving into their collective influences by drawing from elements of grunge, shoegaze, and contemporaries Oso Oso and Prince Daddy and the Hyena, the band never turn their back on their earliest inspirations, with stylistic threads tracing easily back to Glocca Morra, Algernon Cadwallader, and TTNG. 

Explosive, agile emo serves as the backdrop to guitarist and vocalists Vincent Ford and Joe Therriault’s honest and vulnerable lyricism, with the two sharing the writing process on a record that tackles human nature; exploring self-doubt, resentment, complex relationships, climate change, and the waning of youth. The band never lose the sense of playfulness and fun that is omnipresent in their live show, an undeniable, electric energy that stems from being a group of close friends before all else. 

Made to represent where they are, rather than worry about how they will be perceived, Gulfer is a statement of confidence and ambition. Free of former notions that they needed to write in a certain way to sound like themselves, the band instead went with their gut and wrote what came naturally. The result is their most definitive work to date, a record that focuses less on ultra-technical musicianship and more on structure, space, and feel. With renewed energy in their freshened sound palette and their most collaborative songwriting yet, Gulfer have created an album that sounds fresh and exciting, which is no small feat for a band with two albums, a handful of EPs, and eight long years under their belt. The deft and interweaving interplay of Ford and Therriault’s guitars is grounded by bassist David Mitchell and drummer Julien Daoust, whose dexterities and musicianship animate the album with explosive, emotional kineticism. 

After touring all over the world through Japan, Poland, France, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia and many more, and sharing the stage with the likes of PUP, Joyce Manor, Foxing, Into It. Over It., Title Fight, performing at festivals such as SXSW, ArcTanGent, and Pop Montreal, the band is well-positioned to take their rightful spot centre stage, galvanized by their newest and best record, Gulfer

Gulfer is out on Royal Mountain Records and Topshelf Records on October 16th. It is available for pre-order here.

1. Intro
2. Blurry
3. Nature Kids
4. Forget (Friendly)
5. Interlude
6. Heat Wave
7. Mall Song
8. Letters
9. Carefully
10. Flashing
11. Symmetry
12. Trips and Falls
13. Outro


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