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Ghostlawns Set To Release New Album ‘Motorik’ October 30th via Sub Records | Album Feature

October 13, 2020

Ghostlawns Set To Release New Album ‘Motorik’ October 30th Via Sub Records

Cardiff-based musical collective Ghostlawns are set to release their debut album Motorik through Bandcamp and streaming services on 30 October 2020. Recorded by renowned producer Charlie Francis (REM, Robyn Hitchcock), the album will be released through SUB Records. 

We are blown away by this debut album, it’s a work of art. From the first track, it’s clear that Ghostlawns are here to exhilarate, they bring their own take to electronica and set themselves apart, Ghostlawns new record will leave you in awe.

Breaking Out kicks off the albums’ proceedings and instantly showcases Ghostlawns momentous sound, as the band craft each passage weaving intricate electronic elements and bold guitar hooks together with blast beats and a tantalizing tempo, Breaking Out is an intense exploration captured in a colossal soundscape. Just over 5 minutes of alternating dynamic instrumentation that will blow you away. With crushing kaleidoscopic elements wrapped up in the immersive aura and that’s just the first track!

As the album moves, it’s best to note this record deserves to be heard in its entirety to really appreciate the magnitude of Ghostlawns work. Throughout the record the robust energy never slips, Ghostlawns vision is flawless.

The title track itself breaks the intensity that’s been at the forefront of the record so far, Ghostlawns slow down the fury and exude a more driven arrangement, focusing on the brooding vocals and the sweeping elements that is captured within this arrangement.

Opening riff of Akademie starts with a feeling of The Broken Oak Duet, whilst the tone sounds warm and familiar this track then breaks out into a serious projection. With Maserati-style drum beats, Ghostlawn have the ability to make you foot tap throughout. Their complex craftsmanship found in their now-known signature knack for big hooks.

Y Gorwel exudes a more pensive, reflective tone found in the infectious lyrics and the shimmering effects that add to this rich tapestry.

The album ends on When In Cathays, a razor-sharp composition – this track ends with a feeling of influence from some french electro artists such as the likes of Good Metal and Crystal Castles- the record ends on a sublime explosive finale, with the most addictive riff and crushing drum beats and fills.

As the album flows from one flawless track to the next, Ghostlawns provide ample blast beats and wholesome heaviness for a compulsive listen. Ghostlawns have perfected monolith instrumentation and cinematic melodies, the audience is lured into the lush yet rugged soundscape and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Ghostlawns ‘Motorik’ Tracklisting:

01. Breaking Out
02. Guppy
03. Motorik
04. Akademie
05. Y Gorwel
06. Friday Sky
07. Ffoi
08. Pen Mae’r Adar Yn Canu
09. When In Cathays

There are a limited number of CDs available for purchase through the Ghostlawns Bandcamp page.  Their album taster “Y Gorwel” and singles “Breaking Out” and “FFOI” have received international radio play, including on the BBC, across the UK, US, Canada, South America, Australia, France, and Germany.

https://ghostlawns.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/GhostlawnsCF

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