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Adulkt Life Share Two New Singles “JNR Showtime” and “New Curfew” -Debut album ‘Book of Curses’ out November 6th on What’s Your Rupture?

October 22, 2020
Photo credit: Steve Gullick


Share two new singles “JNR Showtime” and “New Curfew”
Debut album ‘Book of Curses’ out November 6th on What’s Your Rupture?

Adulkt Life, a new band comprised of Huggy Bear’s Chris RowleyMale Bonding’s John Arthur Webb and Kevin Hendrick, and drummer Sonny Barrett, have shared two new tracks from their debut album, ‘Book Of Curses’, out November 6th on What’s Your Rupture?
Following recently released singles Country Pride”, “Stevie K and “Taking Hits,” now the band have dropped two more tasters, showcasing the dynamic energy and self-questioning fury that surges throughout the album. 

On “JNR Showtime,” Rowley’s vocals are audibly pained as he addresses child abuse with rage and disgust, while the album’s affecting closer “New Curfew” is a song about the contradictions of youthful protest and unrest from the perspective of a parent whose daughter may soon be rioting herself. Can he stop her? Would he want to?

JNR showtime is such a gripping and chaotic arrangement with distorted and complex aggressive vocals utterly devouring the soundscape. This track exudes such energy, such a biting domain, and yet maintains mighty melody throughout. The darting track challenges your attention but at just shy of 2 minutes, the power of JNR Showtime will leave you begging for more.

New Curfew urges the audience to take in the lyrical purpose of this track, it’s honest it’s brutal and it dominates.

Huggy Bearled the UK’s answer to riot grrrl, inspired by the “seismic shock” of witnessing a Nation of Ulysses performance together and galvanized by Bikini Kill drummer Tobi Vail’s germinal riot grrrl zine “Jigsaw.”  In the 25 years since Chris Rowley played with iconic Huggy Bear, starting a new band hasn’t felt right. But after John Arthur Webb (Male Bonding), who Rowley met while picking up records at a Rough Trade shop, asked if he wanted to play music together it “suddenly it felt super exciting.”  Within a year, Webb and Rowley befriended drummer Sonny Barrett, who worked at a different Rough Trade location and later offered to drum in Adulkt life. The Adulkt Life lineup was finalised when Webb enlisted his best friend and long-time collaborator, Kevin Hendrick (Middex) on bass.

For Rowley, Adulkt Life “felt like it could carry the weight of all the things I would want to culturally load into a band without having to compromise any of it.” That meant these songs—ecstatic buzzsaw guitars, blown-out poetry, the improvisatory energy of torrential art-punk drumming that reveals Sonny’s free-jazz interest—should reflect the conditions of his life as an older person. In 2020, Rowley is a 55-year-old father and longtime employee of a children’s charity. “You have to create a question and interrogate yourself,” he says, and so he poses inexhaustible ones: What is it to parent in a crumbling world? What does it mean to stay political as Earth burns, to keep loving music? How best to communicate the excitement and charge of possibility from “a whole different set of paradigms?” Adulkt Life inquires but offers no easy answers, instead instigating punk’s eternal invitation to see: “Wow, I should do something—make something, start a political party, just do something rather than not do something.”

The cut-and-paste word collages Rowley once shouted in Huggy Bear are as cool and thrilling as ever on Book Of Curses’—with chiselled noise hooks expertly mixed by Webb and mastered by Total Control’s Mikey Young, fitting the “cold war bubblegum” aesthetic called out in the lyrics—but charged by the high-stakes of adulthood. On Book Of Curses’, punk means never surrendering your creativity or your curiosity.

‘Book of Curses’ will be released on November 6th via What’s Your Rupture? Pre-order it here.

‘Book of Curses’ track list:
1. County Pride
2. JNR Showtime
3. Whistle Country
4. Taking Hits
5. Flipper
6. Stevie K
7. Room Context
8. Move
9. Clean (But Itchy)
10. New Curfew



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