WINTER Teams Up With Boogarins’ Dinho Almeida For New Video ‘Bem no Fundo’

September 3, 2020
Image by Walker Lewis 


LA artist teams up with Boogarins’ Dinho Almeida for ‘Bem no Fundo’

New album Endless Space (Between You & I) out now via Bar/None

Winter has shared a video for ‘Bem no Fundo’, a track from recent album Endless Space (Between You & I), out now via Bar/None Records. The track is a collaboration with Dinho Almeida of Boogarins.

The track swirls with Winter’s signature blend of dream-pop and shoegaze, the duo’s perfectly balanced vocals twisting in and out of each other. With both artists originally hailing from Brazil, the lyrics are in both their native tongues, the title roughly translating to ‘entering the void’.

While Boogarins was staying at my house we asked Dinho to sing on “Bem no Fundo” – it instantly added an extra level to an already blissful track.” Samira said of the song. “‘Bem No Fundo’ is about a new order rising, it could be seen as utopian, sci-fi, but in the days of COVID it echoes for revolution and a new type of society.”

Striking visuals to compliment a bold and shimmering composition. Winter continue to project magical and etheral orcehstrations where the use of hypnotic electornic notes captivate the audience with the layered and lustrous vocals.

Between You & I
Endless Space (Between You & I)
Here I Am Existing
In The Z Plane
Bem No Fundo (feat. Dinho Almeida)
Memoria Colorida
Wherever You Are
Pure Magician

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