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Sing Leaf Shares “Out of the Dream” – New Album ‘Not Earth’ Out 25th September Via Tin Angel Records | Single Special

September 20, 2020
Photo Credit: Kate Killet
Sing Leaf  Shares “Out of the Dream”
Taken Fom Forthcoming Album   Not Earth 
Due 25th September Via Tin Angel Records

Sing Leaf’s new album Not Earth feels like it’s caught between worlds, as its title suggests, this is music for another place, existing as its own cosmos, a colourful work of strange sounds and visions, pulled from the mind and movements of its signature creator, Toronto-based, David Como. Released on 25th September via Tin Angel Records, the new Sing Leaf album offers a spellbinding journey through eight inspired and beautifully idiosyncratic tracks.

Como shares his latest single, the beautiful calming album closer “Out of the Dream” which was co-written and produced by David Como and Patrick Bramm. Listen to “Out Of The Dream” streaming below-

Out Of The Dream radiates beauty- as the experimental elements build up the fragments of this ethereal instrumentation, this paves the way for a surging rhythmic riff which becomes the bed for the lustrious harmonious soft vocals. The calming vocal delivery and the gentle lyrics fusing with the intricate layers provide an enchanting twist to this tentative yet essential arrangement. The forthcoming album is a vital new release that we can’t wait for.

“This song lives in the threshold between sleeping and waking, where voices echo from the canyons of our dreams and eyes linger, more real than reality.” David explains. “It’s about the deepest river running through us all, transporting us into the realm of the nocturnal, the realm of magic. It’s about the transformation of our return, in that brief moment before we begin the daily work of forgetting. There’s a strange and vital beauty to the ragged edge of sleep. There’s confusion in that space, and freedom, and deep longing. This song lives there, in the silver fog of the in-between.”

Pre-order Not Earth on Bandcamp HERE

Not Earth Tracklisting:

  1. Easy On You
  2. Little Magic
  3. Honey Eater
  4. Magnetic
  5. Forever Green
  6. Sunshine
  7. Egg Tooth
  8. Out Of the Dream


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