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Sen Morimoto Shares New Track ‘The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme’ Ahead Of October Album Release

September 9, 2020
Photo by Dennis Elliott 

Sen Morimoto

Shares New Track ‘The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme’

The Sen Morimoto LP releases October 23rd via his own Sooper Records

Sen Morimoto’s forthcoming self-titled LP is already fast becoming one of the most highly anticipated releases due of 2020. Sen has just dropped the latest single taken from the album ‘The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme’. The track is described as hauntingly beautiful and continues to pull at the unifying thread of the album on what triggers our convictions.

Morimoto explains: “I have always been extremely superstitious, the idea of jinxing something you’re hoping for, or fear of loss due to lack of gratitude have paralyzed me at times growing up. The lyrics to this song tell a story by exposing the kinds of thoughts I believe we all have but don’t share, the fantastical, neurotic, and superstitious thoughts that make us fear things we can’t predict and look for meaning in unrelated occurrences. I think by talking about what worries you, you can remove its power, and in making this song I believe I’ve let go of some of that anxiety.” He continues “The off-kilter, odd meter and hazy instrumentation were produced with the intention of embodying the space between our mental and physical realities.

With the latest track to be unveiled, it’s clear that Sen Morimoto is easily one of the most charming and bewitching wordsmiths around. Morimoto continues to produce and capture such complex and compelling compositions. There’s a bold charm to Sen’s overall vibe projected, with ‘The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme’ this track screams intimacy.

This new arrangement exudes honesty, it’s humble and seriously addictive. Subversive lyrics and brooding electronic instrumentation simply captivate. The soft and lush vocals present throughout assists with the chilled aura, the moreish melodies are captured within the reflective lyrics which allure the listener with its soulful execution. This complex composition focuses on the layers of experimental elements added to the whirling atmosphere yet it’s the powerful vocal delivery that moves you. The sincere and intimate notes resonate that power.


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