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Pet Shimmers Announce Second Album “Trash Earthers” and Share New Single ‘Imber’ 

September 6, 2020
Photo by Dominika Scheibinger

Pet Shimmers

Announce Second Album  Trash Earthers

And Share New Single ‘Imber’ 

Pet Shimmers the supercharged seven-piece supergroup based out of Bristol are set to release their second album (of this year!). The band has announced details surrounding their forthcoming release. Trash Earthers, will be released 2nd October via their own PS records.

The band have also shared their stunning new orchestral gem “Imber”, solidifying the excitement of what is set to come.

Not satiated with the release of their debut album Face Down In Meta and UK/tour with Alex G at the beginning of the year, and Pet Shimmers wasted no time in crafting the fragments and shards that each member of the band bring into a brand new album. What they emerged with is Trash Earthers – described as a glowing, urgent selection of downer-pop that never sits still.

Imber is the perfect colossal composition that builds on the urgency Pet Shimmers conveys.

This vast new arrangement delves into a kaleidoscopic charge of powerful instrumentation and delectable vocals. An entire universe crafted and explored within the 5-minute soundscape projected by Pet Shimmers.

Imber is truly immersive, an abundance of atmospherical layers built to direct the journey of this intense and encompassing new orchestration.

How much proof do you need before you act on something? ‘How much injustice will it take to activate people’s actions?” vocalist Oliver Wilde muses. “Imber is a place, but I may have got the place wrong – where I used to live there used to be an abandoned park called Imber, which I think is now a military training ground. We used to break in and run around, but I guess that’s now irrelevant.”


Snake Eats a Lady
All Time Glow
Live in Atrocity
Madonna’s People
Big Ideal
The Mouth Of
Inside the Truest Centre of Everything

The band will embark on a live tour in 2021, all dates below:

UK Live Dates

Live dates:
Monday 1st March – The Bullingdon, Oxford, >
Tuesday 9th March – Joiners, Southampton*
 Thursday 11th March – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton*
Friday  12th March – Elsewhere, Margate*
Saturday 13th March – Jericho Tavern, Oxford*
Sunday 21st March – Exchange, Bristol*
Wednesday 21st April – Scala, London*

> = w. Porridge Radio
* = w. Happyness


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