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Mountain Bloom Share New Single U-32

September 14, 2020

Mountain Bloom Share New Single U-32

Mountain Bloom release their latest Single U-32, taken from the London trios forthcoming debut album.

The new release exudes a more pensive yet progressive orchestration from Mountain Bloom.

Entwining expansive and emotive electronic elements with their luscious vocals, vivid lyrics and haunting keys. This new track feels more mature, as an air of wisdom oozes from this melodic arrangement.

Reminiscent of Alcoholic Faith Mission with the comparisons found in the soulful and commanding vocal injection fused with the shimmering and intense instrumentation. The tentative aura begins to grow and gather serious momentum as Mountain Bloom continues to add tweaks, intricate loops, and a devious beat into the mix- this track highlights the complexities in their layering and overall soundscape.

Mountain Bloom are working towards one of the most mesmerizing debut album releases, each track they showcase offers an insight into the dynamic creativity Mountain Bloom conveys. Once again the trio has created a bold and infectious composition that hypnotizes, you are destined to hit repeat and take U-32 all in again.

https://mountainbloom.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mountainbloommusic/

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