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Late Night Final: Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose Announces “A Wonderful Hope” LP + Shares “The Human Touch” ft. Teddy Hunter

September 26, 2020

Rob Baker Ashton

Late Night Final: Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose Announces “A Wonderful Hope” LP


Shares “The Human Touch” ft. Teddy Hunter

Late Night Final, the new side project from Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose, will release an album, A Wonderful Hope, on 11th December 2020 via PIAS.

Now he shares the first single, “The Human Touch”, featuring the Cardiff-based soundscape artist,Teddy Hunter,along with a video created by Nic Finch.

About the track, J. Willgoose said: “I asked if Teddy might be interested in coming up with some vocal ideas for a track on the record and she sent through loads of interesting vocal fragments and melodies. I pieced them all together and then, as with the rest of the album, recorded it as one long live take using just hardware sequencers and synths.” 

Momentous on the greatest scale, “The Human Touch” begins with distorted pitched soundwaves breaking through the immediate tension carefully crafted. As these waves digress, the atmospherical sphere broadens and intensifies. Once this aura has been built upon the intricate layers and the developing experimental elements, brighter notes join the mix with the addition of the human touch- the soft and lustrous vocal tones blending with the encompassing electronica.

This journey is a sublime sonic assault into the unknown, taking the audience into a completely new cosmos, driving the composition further into the unknown. Both J.Willgoose and Teddy Hunter have joined forces to manipulate and design their own vast musical arrangement which deeply consumes their listeners and at the same time showcases their ability to shape soundscapes oozing with emotion, connection, and mystique. Easily one of the most transcendental and honestly immersive tracks of our time, complex and gripping, it’s a movement you need to feel.

As one of the many consequences of this year’s pandemic and ensuing lockdown, J. Willgoose found himself with some time on his hands. With the next Public Service Broadcasting album recording sessions delayed, and all the band’s equipment stuck in a different country, he cobbled together old synths, sequencers and pedals and set about creating something new. Originally intended as an experiment in ambient music, the recordings developed into something more fulsome culminating in an entire new body of work in the shape of a 4 track LP under the Late Night Final pseudonym.

Late Night Final – A Wonderful Hope – tracklisting
(Pre-order/save here)

1. Thank You

2. A Wonderful Hope

3. The Human Touch [ft. Teddy Hunter]

4. Slow Release

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