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Fightmilk Release New Single ‘If You Had A Sister…’ Out Digitally Via Reckless Yes

September 4, 2020

Fightmilk Release New Single ‘If You Had A Sister…’

Out now via Reckless Yes

Fightmilk release their second track from their forthcoming second album with digital single ‘If You Had A Sister…’, out 4th September 2020 (out now) via independent record label Reckless Yes

Fightmilk‘s new single is cinematically dramatic. The release is a poignant new effort for Fightmilk as they produce this bold, melodic and meaningful new arrangement.

Throughout the progression of the track, an air of familiar nostalgia can be found faintly grasping the audience amongst the powerful vocal delivery and striking instrumentation. The track gives off an honest charm that you can relate to, it feels as if this track should be soundtracking a momentous turn in your favourite series, show or in life- a feeling of brooding acceptance and a vital turning point.

“If You Had A Sister” completely commands your full attention. The reflective lyrics mixed with the initial slow drum beats hypnotize the audience before the track builds up to showcase the explosive energy Fightmilk are known for. The quality of this release leaves it marks as it embraces the Fightmilk identity and yet exudes a new level of craftsmanship from the act, intensifying with the slower-paced yet demanding detail.

The track works toward a sudden flurry of flawless hard-hitting, ardent finale, pulling in an aggressive addition of each instrument and added experimental elements. The army of guitar, drums and bass collide together and share the urgency of this track as Fightmilk build-up to a colossal and intense crescendo, exuding the importance of this track as the ramped-up and driven instrumentation complements the haunting harmonies present throughout.

Speaking of the single, the band say: “We put ‘If You Had a Sister…’ together during our first practice with Healey, which seemed like an incredibly good sign. I don’t think any of us expected it to come out sounding all that different from a regular Fightmilk song, but the more we worked on it, the less it seemed to need.

It’s a bit slower and quieter than the fast guitar pop of the last album, and it’s about all kinds of dark things – but if there was ever a time for songs you can do ominous slow dancing to, it’s 2020.”

The single is the second track to be taken from the band’s forthcoming second album. Initially due for release in 2020 the album has been delayed by coronavirus and is now set for an early 2021 release. 

https://fightmilkisaband.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/fightmilkisaband


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