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Falcon Jane Shares New Single & Announces Album

September 24, 2020
Brendan George

Falcon Jane

Shares New Video & Single ‘Heaven’

Announces new album: Faith due November 13th 2020
via Darling Recordings


 Falcon Jane, led by lead singer and songwriter Sara May, are sharing their glistening new single, ‘Heaven’.  Alongside the new music, which follows the single, ‘The Other Moon’, Sara is announcing details of her new record, Faith which is due for release via Pittsburgh-based label, Darling Recordings on November 13th 2020.

Faith serves as the follow-up to Falcon Jane’s debut album Feelin’ Freaky, which firmly established May’s self-labeled “plez-rock”. Faith is described as seeing May steer towards a darker spiral—one that personifies the often isolating meanderings that come with figuring it all out. “A lot of the songs on the album are written from me to me,” she explains. “It’s about trusting in yourself and believing in the thoughts and feelings in your own mind.”

Heaven is fiercely charming, falling into the infectious pull of the attentive vocals, sublime tones, and the lustrous lyrics. The moment Falcon Jane begins to embark on their atmospherical arrangement, you are hypnotized, as a feeling of freedom and peace exude from their wistful orchestral movement. Organic textures drive the immersive experience.

The new single ‘Heaven’ presents this new sonic palette astutely with May looking to examine the dark as well as the light. It was written after Sara spent some time at Neyaashiinigmiing 27, a reserve in Ontario, with the track sourcing much of its influence by the nature around her, from the pink sunsets to the forests, looming rock formations, and serene waters of the Georgian Bay. “It is in these places where I feel most like myself, most at peace, most in love,” explains May. “‘Heaven’ is a love song for my partner, Andrew, who was with me on that trip, walking with me out into the pink lake, but it is also a love song for the natural world.”

As humans, we have such a flawed connection with nature,” she continues. “We love and worship it, but our lifestyles so casually disrespect and destroy it. I think that’s where the dark and semi-spooky chorus in the song came from. I wanted the chorus to feel as if a choir of angels was singing it. But to me, those voices sound very grounded, so I think they are angels on earth, maybe even underground, rather than in heaven.”

Faith will be released via Darling Recordings on November 13, 2020 – you can pre-order the new album here.

Falcon Jane
November 13, 2020
Out via Darling Recordings

1. All of a Sudden
2. Heaven
3.  Feelings
4. The Other Moon
5. Messages
6. Make it Fade
7. Had Enough
8. Take Your Turn
9. Held High
10. Beautiful Dream


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