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Cowgirl Release ‘Only Lasts A Moment’/’Hold Me’ -The Latest Instalment Of The Safe Suburban Home Cassette Series

September 12, 2020

Cowgirl Release ‘Only Lasts A Moment’/’Hold Me’ -The Latest Instalment Of The Safe Suburban Home Cassette Series

We are obsessed with the intricate and mesmerizing sounds from Cowgirl.

Cowgirl’s ‘Only Lasts A Moment’/’Hold Me’ is the latest installment in Safe Suburban Home’s Cassette Series.

Built around the chief songwriters Danny Trew Barton (vocals/ guitar) and Sam Coates (Vocals/ guitar), and completed by Tom Robinson (ZoZo/Cruel World) and Jack Holdstock (The Federals/White Firs), Cowgirl run a conveyor belt of future indie classics, their well-crafted melodies wrapped in walls of wailing guitar fuzz.

Described as being reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain at their most mournfully melodic, ‘Only Lasts a Moment’ sees the hyped noise-pop band in a reflective mood. Featuring guest vocals from artist Jade Blood and recorded at Greenmount Studios (the Cribs, Mush, Imperial Wax) it is a slice of bittersweet pop, perfect for moments of reflection on a hazy summer’s day.

Taking on abstract themes, the two songs illustrate the dual songwriting powers of Barton and Coates, who work separately and together effortless. ‘Only Lasts A Moment’ is written and sang by Coates with Barton taking over for ‘Hold Me’.

Only Lasts a Moment is an instant hit, the tentative appeal hits the audience immediately from the warmth of the harmonies. Whirling notes and a rich guitar tone which draws you in, then with the soothing luscious vocal rhythms which are reminiscent of Liars.

Cowgirl provide an immediate slice of lo-fi, grungey alt-rock and with their new composition they dig into an emotional melancholic release- the powerful instrumentation and the alluring lyrics dazzle- they’ve crafted a track which will you will long to repeat. They effortlessly produce deep expansive textures and play on their tonal abilities to hook you in. With Hold Me, Cowgirl return to their more dynamic abrupt force, their known hard-hitting angular instrumentation return as they push the intensity through their riffs, feedback and buoyant beats.

Cowgirl are easily one of the most impressive acts around- they continue to develop and create essential pieces.



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