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Better Person Shares New Single ‘Close To You’

September 29, 2020
Photo credit: Tess Roby

Better Person

Shares new single ‘Close To You’

Debut album ‘Something to Lose’
due 23rd October via Arbutus Records

Better Person – aka Adam Byczkowski, the silent prince of Berlin’s late-night underground pop scene – has shared his latest single “Close To You”, taken from his upcoming debut album Something To Lose, due 23rdOctober via Arbutus Records,

Something To Lose is the culmination of Better Person’s desire to nurture intimacy through tender balladry. An intriguing combination of forgotten euro-pop tropes with an elegant sophisti-pop palette provides the backdrop upon which his supple and detailed vocal delivery thrives.

Whilst previous single and title track “Something To Lose” captured the ecstatic feeling of fresh love on a warm L.A breeze, his latest single “Close to You” is about growing tired of the Berlin nightlife.

A riveting new release from this promising artist. The big synth waves will mesmerize, but throw into the mix one of the most captivating emotive voices belting out some deeply honest lyrics and a handful of chimes, huge fills, and an atmosphere you need to be apart of- you’ve got the latest hit. “Close to Me” oozes appeal.

Adam says of the track “While I was writing this song in Berlin, I started feeling tormented by never ending obligations to go out and socialize every night. I would force myself out, get way too drunk and waste a lot of time talking to random people. What I was really longing for was a quieter night with someone I truly care about.”

He continues: “That sentiment feels quite funny now since both my partner and I got infected with Covid-19 back in March and haven’t been able to fully recover from it to this day. We’ve been stuck at home constantly feeling ill and exhausted. So now, ironically one of my biggest dreams is to be able to go out without worrying about my health! Listening to this track makes me look back at those party times with a nostalgic smile.”

“Sonically I wanted to capture the feeling of a late night out on town. I was thinking of the wide, empty streets of Berlin after midnight, crowded bars and taxi rides. I recorded this song many times in different arrangements over many months and finally landed on this version while working with my producer Ben in Los Angeles. He added the house-y keyboard at the end of the song which really pushed the track right where I wanted it to be. Hopefully listening to it will give you a taste of the good ol’ nights.”


1. Na Zawsze
2. Hearts On Fire
3. True Love
4. Something To Lose
5. Glendale Evening
6. Dotknij Mnie
7. Close To You
8. Bring Me To Tears
9. Ostani Raz

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