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September 4, 2020


release debut album Sweet Mortality via Taxi Gauche Records

New video for ‘She Loves You No More’ 

Annie Taylor today celebrate the release of their debut album Sweet Mortality out September 4th via Taxi Gauche Records. The band also share the incredible visuals for ‘She Loves You No More’ as well as an added bonus.

Listen to Sweet Mortality: https://ditto.fm/sweet-mortality 

One of the album’s most full throttle tracks, ‘She Loves You No More’ is given Scooby Doo-esque visuals to match its 100mph guitars. Mixing animation with live-action, the band seemingly become part of the haunted house’s ghoulish entourage.

Switzerland’s Annie Taylor are back less than a year after the release of their debut EP ‘Not Yours!’ with their fuzzy yet acerbic debut album Sweet Mortality, out 4th September and available now via Taxi Gauche.

Get your copy here: https://taxigauche.com/produkt/annie-taylor-sweet-mortality-lp/ 

Annie Taylor forever are the masterminds at creating resilient, pure rock tracks.  Annie Taylor have released a crucial record of our time, filled with bold hard-hitting orchestrations each with their own atmosphere. Track flirting with a feel-good feeling, lifting elements swirling throughout the expansive world they’ve curated. Adding charm to their orchestrations, protruding 90’s surf rock elements, whilst injecting a melodic melancholic shimmers to its notes.

Sweet Mortality is a truly outstanding debut, a well-constructed record that reflects a sincerely well-established sound from a dynamic and ruthless act. This polished album exudes fun, passion, and intense instrumentation- far-reaching rhythms and hypnotic passages.


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