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Ani Glass Releases New EP ‘Ynys Araul’ Featuring Remixes by OMD, Seka and Venus on the Half Shell

September 11, 2020

Ani Glass Releases New EP ‘Ynys Araul’ – Out Now

Featuring Remixes by OMD, Seka and Venus on the Half Shell

Ani Glass has released her new ‘Ynys Araul’ EP , out now via  Recordiau Neb.

As well as the title track it includes three new remixes; one by electronic legends OMD, plus versions by Seka and Venus on the Half Shell.

‘Ynys Araul’ is lifted from Glass’ debut album MIRORES which was released earlier this year. In August it was also announced as the Welsh Language Album of the Year at this year’s National Eisteddfod resulting in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing two of her songs.

‘Ynys Araul’ (which means ‘Serenity’) is woven with Glass’s infectious yet ethereal vocals and haunting melodies, underpinned by kaleidoscopic synths and rolling mechanical loops. Glass says “Ynys Araul is not only about love and loss but also expands on the album’s overall themes of movement and progress. It discusses how our memories and emotions are often connected to certain places and presents the bewildering impact of development on your sense of self when those places change or disappear.”

The title track devours you, the intricate electronic elements craft a huge tapestry of tentative instrumentation. The electronic layers weave into this immense soundscape filled with shimmering rhythms and complimented with the standout vocals of Ani, Ani’s soft yet magical tones transport the audience into this immersive aura curated. Ani Glass provides compelling and complex consuming orchestrations which elevate all with the spellbinding soaring vocals of Ani.

The second track of the EP comes showcases Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark take on Ynys Araul. This remix keeps the intimacy of Ani throughout whilst manipulating the original soundscape to provide a more elusive feeling.

Seka takes on a re-work of the track for the penultimate track on the EP which puts a true Holy Ghost spin on the release. Playing on the expansive atmosphere and reworking the beat and momentum for a whole new feeling of the original track. 90’s dance claps and a bold beat keeps the groove on this remix and pulls you into your own Ani Glass/Seka inflicted trance.

Before finally, the EP ends with the remix and work of Venus On The Half Shell. With their touch on the track, their fusion exudes a more darker essence than the tracks that went before. This remix delves deeper into the gloomy dystopia whilst emitting cutting tones and brash buoyant beats.

The EP in its entirety showcases the bold creative appeal of Ani Glass and that of OMD, Seka and Venus On The Half Shell. The ability to re-work the profound single and create something so unique to the sound artists, to manipulate the atmosphere at each turn- this is a flawless EP and worthy of your full attention.

https://aniglass.bandcamp.com/album/ynys-araul https://www.facebook.com/aniglasscymru

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