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Tom John Hall Releases “My Big Album- Part 1”- New Album Out Now Via Year Of Glad

August 2, 2020

Tom John Hall Releases “My Big Album- Part 1”

Out Now Via Year Of Glad

Tom John Hall one of our favourite artists has just released his triumphant new record ‘My Big Album’, a bedroom pop epic created as a consequence of isolated living and evoking our evolving world. Four years in the making and coming in two distinct parts digitally, and a special double-vinyl release, as part two drops it spans the whole of 2020 in terms of time and ideas. 

My Big Album is a gloriously wonky, bedroom pop record that, even though it has been years in the making, is the perfect reflection of life in 2020. Tom achieves perfect art pop, he creates music so reflective and thought-provoking, tracks that are filled with emotion and exuding charm. This is isolation pop at its finest.

My Big Album – part 1 (tracklist)

  1. Who’s Watching You
  2. That’s How It Starts
  3. At The Office
  4. Last Living Bureaucrat
  5. Presidents Club
  6. No Vacancies
  7. Human
  8. Heatwave (pt1)
  9. Heatwave (pt2)
  10. Organigram
  11. Shameless Rock n Roll

The 11 track release kicks off with previously released single “Who’s Watching You“- the first track showcases a powerful burst of Tom‘s courageous energy. Reminiscent of Beach Slang, Hot Chip, David Byrne and more. “Who’s Watching You” is a seriously stunning medley. Bountiful and joyous piercing keys with the delicate brush strokes move the track, whilst Tom John Hall‘s direct and hard-hitting lyrics projected by his bold vocal range truly captivate you- it moves you to your core. 

The rhythms pick up pace in the third track “At The Office”, this instantly catchy track will stick in your ears on first listen. Oozing with swooning lasting vocals mixed with immersive instrumentation- heightened riffs and notes which reflect an 80’s rock essence yet this track feels so fresh.

Tracks such as “Last Living Bureaucrat” and “Human” both showcase Tom’s ability to alter the environment of the dynamic arrangements he creates. Each track starts afresh to build a new base, a far-reaching atmosphere. These tracks provide more reflective and serious lyrics fused with bright twinkly notes and an abundance of drum beats and brushes.

As the album progresses it’s clear just how unique Tom John Hall is. A solo artist building tracks on a monumental scale. Using his brooding vocal ability to capture emotion within his tracks and provide a resonating honesty to his audience in order to fully connect with his listeners. The expressive lyrics and the irony found within the words also spark an element of fun to this record.

Speaking of the album, Hall notes: “My Big Album was always designed to be ambitious,” he explained. “There was a kind of stipulation to always do the difficult, untested thing, rather than rely on what was easy, and what I knew worked because I wanted to make something involved and expansive enough to do justice to my love for the medium. Something that did justice to the awe and wonder I felt finding Randy Newman early on in the process – something with the obsessive attention to detail of Infinite Jest, a life-changing novel I was reading at the time.”

Hall doubled down on the limitations. The album features no amps or drums, as he didn’t own any, instead, he found the sounds he needed with “some very cool synthesisers” like the Teenage Engineering PO32.

Everything on the album was written, performed and recorded by Hall, except the MIDI sequenced drums on ‘Human’ and ‘Liberals’ which were provided by Papayér bandmate Niall Mcgonagle. Guidance from Robin Newman of Derby recording studio Snug and mastering from Joe Caithness helped get the music ready for release.

The album is a total marvel. Creating complex compositions, adding various layers and intricate electronic elements within every passage of the orchestrations. The record is vast, experimental, and with the lyrics and vocals of Tom- this album is wonderfully distinct. A contained bedroom project is now an experience that all can relish.




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