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THYLA Share new single “Fade”

August 24, 2020
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Share new single “Fade”

THYLA make a triumphant return with huge new single “Fade”

“Fade” arrives from Thyla with the wind of this year’s latest EP “Everything At Once” still in their sails. They have never been ones to shirk their responsibility as artists and through the course of that latest release they addressed the emotional upheaval of family illness, the mundanities of juggling day jobs, and the difficulties of navigating the ever-present anxiety of the modern-age. Their music seeks to wrestle strength from adversity, challenge expectations, and stand up for true art. In “Fade” they bask in the glow of yet another shimmering, heavy pop behemoth.

Gleaning inspiration from everyday human experience – and blurring the lines of the personal and the fictional – Thyla play as voyeurs and interpreters, careful not to attach themselves to one singular ideology. Their music is a playground for the shared experience, a place for art that doesn’t preach, or claim to have all of the answers. Instead their work exists as signposts to emotional moments in time, channeling the chaos of modernity into a sanctuary built from balance and nuance, influenced by the disparate worlds of everything from Kate Bush to My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.

Lead singer Millie Duthie offers these thoughts on the track: “As you grow up you realise things aren’t as they seem. The more you learn the more you realise you have to learn, and it can be a really painful experience taking off the blinkers of your youth. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that a lot of your drive is based on a hedonistic attitude. Fade’s about waking up to some ugly truths about your personal life and development. How strong are your relationships really and where are you headed if you stay on this trajectory?”

THYLA · Fade

Fade achieves the most momentous meaning within its climactic build-up and truthful lyrics, the result is a profound euphoric catalyst for your emotions. Powerful riffs and bright notes kick start this track and lead it to its rhythmic journey, honest lyrics delivered with such enthusiasm and emotion, you take in every note. The delivery of this track exudes an air of melancholia, a well-known feeling strikes a chord with this defining track, resembling something of the late 90s with its subtle grunge/alt attributes. It’s a beautiful and boisterous, chaotic yet cathartic, a deeply immersive soundscape.

Thyla are: Millie Duthie (vocals) | Dan Hole (bass) | Danny Southwell (drums) | Mitch Duce (guitar)



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