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Sing Leaf shares video for “Easy On You” from forthcoming album ‘Not Earth’ out September 25th on Tin Angel Records

August 6, 2020
Photo Credit: Kate Killet
Sing Leaf 
shares new single “Easy On You”
from forthcoming album, 
Not Earth out 25th September
on Tin Angel Records

Sing Leaf’s new album Not Earth feels like it’s caught between worlds, as its title suggests, this is music for another place, existing as its own cosmos, a colourful work of strange sounds and visions, pulled from the mind and movements of its signature creator, Toronto-based, David Como. Released on 25th September via Tin Angel Records, the new Sing Leaf album offers a spellbinding journey through eight inspired and beautifully idiosyncratic tracks.

Now Como shares his latest single “Easy On You” which premiered on Clash Music who described it as ‘a piece of heaven’. The video is the second collaboration between Sing Leaf and Australian artist Jordan Borg. It follows a young woman, discovering her future through nature with guidance from manifestations of the tarot. With an array of whacky forest folk and mystical wildlife, “Easy On You” is an exploration of the spirits within nature.

A soft yet superb orchestration enriched with melody and a 70s vibe. A beautiful composition focusing in on the tentative and raw emotions that the vocal range achieves.

“This is the best song I’ve written I think, real simple and clean,” explains Como. “I wrote it while still living in the city, an apartment in the trees near High Park. People below us would howl and rage at each other all hours, almost set the place on fire one night, left a pizza box burning on their deck, my wife and I had to kick in their door.

He goes on to say, “There are many different ways a relationship can work and you should think about that as you move through one, as one … Are you something to get around, to get through, or do you make things easier, simpler, more joyful? Do you take the pressure off or do you add weight? Life can be quite hard, quite sad, I’m trying to not be the cause of that to anyone anymore.

Thinking about certain kinds of songs, quick songs, simple songs, songs you can’t hide behind. When I got stuck on this one, needed a certain kind of line in the middle, I found a bit of inspiration from a book that was gifted to me by a friend – poems by a pretty romantic dude named Jack Gilbert. I didn’t write this song like one of his poems, but maybe it is of that same world of coupledom, love, energy exchange. A close listener/reader maybe could find that little piece of him in there.

The song has changed for me, my wife, as we move on in our lives, out of city, into country, nature, parenthood, world changing too how do we keep in the light, keep it easy, keep it childlike, keep the wonder and the joy. This is a song I hope somebody else might sing sometime too.”

Featuring a home-recorded blend of folk-rock and psychedelic pop that incorporates electronics, Not Earth was written in Como’s home – brave new worlds created from the quiet and comfort of his own domestic life.  As always, Como plays every instrument on the record, recording, mixing, editing all the work himself before sending the songs to frequent musical confidant Sandro Perri, who also mastered the record. Initially built around the idea of a “disney, sci-fi, alien landscape vision”, Not Earth also finds a balance in its more meditative moments; for every jagged moment of inspired eccentricity, a stretch of measured stillness. “Music for me has never been about crafting the best sounding song, or even the most appealing song,” Como says. “It’s more about honouring the spark. If I can block out the other noise and not think about where a song will end up, or who will hear it, then I can follow that and it’s like the song is just coming through me.” Informed both by the written work of Richard Brautigan (“I’ve always tried to align my life with that feeling I found in his books; the strange, psychedelic, childlike-wonder”) and the murky magic of Mark Linkous, who Como cites his biggest inspiration (“You could tell he wasn’t self-editing too much, always just following the inspiration…”). Not Earth is both a reflection of the lush, deep world that provides its hand-painted cover art – Tarot imagery and all – and also a reflection of the unique mind who brought the whole thing into fruition. 

“Easy On You” follows the singles, “Sunshine” and “Forever Green”.

Pre-order Not Earth on Bandcamp HERE

Not Earth Tracklisting:

  1. Easy On You
  2. Little Magic
  3. Honey Eater
  4. Magnetic
  5. Forever Green
  6. Sunshine
  7. Egg Tooth
  8. Out Of the Dream

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