SHHE announces album featuring rRoxymore, Sophia Loizou, Alva Noto and more, out via One Little Independent Records

August 16, 2020
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Album ‘Re:’ out October 9th via One Little Independent Records

Featuring rRoxymore, Sophia Loizou, Alva Noto and more

SHHE, the alias of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw, will be releasing her brand new album of reworked material and collaborations, out via One Little Independent Records on October 9th

Following from her mesmerising debut self-titled album which came out at the tail end of last year, SHHE has joined forces with a host of talent from around the world including rRoxymore, Sophia Loizou, Alva Noto and more.

These collaborative reimaginings explore different aspects of their predecessor; not only comparatively viewed with the power of hindsight, but through the lens of other creative outlooks, and in a vastly different time. With ‘Re:’, whether you’re familiar or new to the work of SHHE, the blissful melodies will entrance and enrapture.

The ethereal ‘Eyes Shut’ is given the patented glitchy and beat-infused futurist makeover from Berlin’s rRoxymore, ‘Saint Cyrus’ sees regular accomplice Tommy Perman craft delicate ambience from its emotive hook and Edinburgh’s own Makeness gives new life to ‘Emma’ with his slow-building, layered electronics.

Dallas-based Black Taffy uses ‘Beds’ to give us refrained and purely exquisite atmospherics, while Alva Noto subtly injects ‘BOY’ with a laid-back groove as infectious as any of his own seminal work. Closer ‘Maps’ is seen to by Bristolian sonic manipulator Sophia Loizou who gives it an otherworldly sheen. 

SHHE has always been keen to explore themes of identity and fluidity and her debut was a sparse, evocative and atmospheric journey of introspection. Now she’s able to dissect it even further with ‘Re:’, as she revisits and reprocesses these personal meditations. 

Each track is also accompanied by their own unique visuals, Shaw explains, “The idea of identity in motion is something that I’m interested in exploring. The idea that we are always changing, always in transition, nothing is one thing or the other. We wanted to revisit a similar idea for the visuals. Instead of individual videos for each track, Tommy (Perman) and I wanted to make a visual for the duration of the album, something that could accompany and would encourage people to watch and listen to the album in full. All of the visuals were filmed over the last year, in different locations, and all of the artists who were involved with the project were based across different locations too. That they had a chance to inform the music with their own identity, their own environment, felt important.

There’s a feeling of impermanence, a constant shift and reshape, everything is in motion. It’s not entirely obvious what the images represent but that was the point – everything is up for interpretation. Perceptions, perspectives, parallels. The film was made by myself and Tommy during the last few months, at a time of anxiety and uncertainty for a lot of people. We wanted to create something that felt meditative, that offers some form of release. Something you can sit down with and lose yourself in.”

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