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Peals release video for stunning new track “Wind Honey”

August 6, 2020
Peals by Monique Crabb

Float through the cosmos inside a drop of honey with Peals’ video for “Wind Honey”, directed by Steph Mantis:

Peals’ Honey is out now, physical shipping 2 Oct

Baltimore instrumental duo Peals (William Cashion of Future Islands and Bruce Willen of Double Dagger) have shared the video for “Wind Honey”, from their 2016 album Honey. Shot using a microscope, the meditative new music video takes us on an abstract carpet ride through the original sweetness: honey. As the ethereal ambient track builds to a crescendo, we drift across dripping crystal galaxies before falling into a starscape of clarified honey.

“Wind Honey” is director Steph Mantis’s debut film. A chance encounter with a microscope five years ago has led to an emerging body of images that reflect a parallel universe exists within and all around us. 

“I want to make images that are magical and unexpected but also true. I want my work to make people question their expectations of our world and help us see there is beauty in everything, it’s just a matter of how you frame it.” 

Working with microscopes also provides Mantis a physical metaphor and entry point for meditation. In order to see the whole picture, Mantis has to move through the entirety of the subject, pulling into focus whatever material lies within the focal plane. It is a constant practice of observation and letting go. “By moving through the object as a video, you come to understand the volume and shape of something in a very different way. This physical, visual movement invites an internal, emotional movement to unfold within. It’s a really beautiful experience to have and I’m excited to pair it with equally beautiful and moving music.”

A breathtaking orchestration, each lasting note, the built-up progression, and atmosphere moves you until a sudden dynamic alteration which provides a clearer resolution. It’s a striking arrangement, monumental and captivating, this will appeal to all of your emotions.

Honey is out now. Physical pre-orders will be available on 2 October.

Pre-order Peals’ Honey:

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