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Parachute For Gordo Release “What Passes For Live These Days” Out Now Via Beth Shalom Records

August 25, 2020

Parachute For Gordo Release “What Passes For Live These Days”

Out Now Via Beth Shalom Records

This year Parachute for Gordo were honored to be invited to play the prestigious ArcTanGent festival. Of course, with 2020 being what it is, live dates were cancelled across the industry and this has been a year without live music for most of us, artists and audiences alike. ArcTanGent this past weekend decided to carry on with a virtual festival, one of the live sets contributed to their weekend of live music came from Parachute For Gordo. Now the band are proucd to release their new standalone live album ‘What Passes For Live These Days‘- a record that commemorates and remembers this strange and lonely year. 

This live recording was captured during the height of the lockdown period in May with the band split between Berlin and Aldershot, playing tracks from this year’s LP Best Understood for Children and Animals on Beth Shalom Records. As most musicians were searching to finding a way, any way, to feel like a band and to perform again, PFG rigged up a way to record live takes across Europe. From to borrowing cheap cymbals and guitar pedals to recording into an iPad in the garden, the experience of recording in this limited, disconnected way gave the band hope that they can find a way to create in this new world we find ourselves in. There is still the unspoken communication inside the music, the dynamic push and pull that makes Parachute for Gordo such an unmissable live band.

What Passes For Live These Days attempts to capture the impossible, the magic, group dynamic, and the DIY ethos of the “New Live”. 

The new 5 track record still captures the passionate energy that Parachute For Gordo effortlessly obtains. The recording practices of this record has an air of that live atmosphere, so you can hit play and imagine this boisterous trio taking to the venue stage in front of you. Parachute For Gordo have captured those striking elements that made “Best Understood For Children And Animals” a standout record of 2020. They’ve captured their craftmanship, how they each bounce from one another, and yet still bring intense crescendos and immersive experimental efforts to their compositions. Once again each track boasts the PFG abrasive sound, their complex shimmers and all-round clever instrumentation from such a vibrant outfit.

The new release is also Beth Shalom’s 100th release and label head Joe Booley says “Working with PFG was something I’d wanted to do from very early in the label’s journey, and now a few releases deep with the band I couldn’t be happier to have them be our 100th release. The mutual support we have for one another has taken us both around the UK and Europe, and Whatever Passes For Live These Days is the perfect way to come out of this period when most would remain idle.



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