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MAGICK MOUNTAIN share video for “Infinity X2”- Debut album “Weird Feelings” out October 23rd

August 25, 2020
Photo credit: Magick Mountain


Share new video for “Infinity X2”
Debut album ‘Weird Feelings’ to be self-released on October 23rd

Magick Mountain have shared a suitably trippy new video for single “Infinity X2,” the latest to be taken from their cacophonous debut album ‘Weird Feelings’ out Oct 23rd.

“The video for ‘Infinity X2’ is a collaboration between Magick Mountain and analogue VFX wizard Josh Brownrigg “ explains guitarist & vocalist Lins Wilson“It was self-filmed in our practise space, which involved metres of gaffa-hung green fabric, make-shift tripods, a last minute lighting ‘rig’ and a state of the art spinning cam courtesy of a 1980s record player and phone holder. After Magick Mountain bassist/artman Tom Hudson edited the footage, we handed over the reins to Josh to work his glitchy visual sorcery, using analogue video synthesisers to experiment with tripped-out trails and create the mega fuzzed-up aesthetic.”  With its blues, deep purples, corals and pinks complimenting Tom’s cover artwork, the video becomes part of the overall visual and sonic onslaught brought to you by Magick Mountain.

This band are injecting fun into this fuzzy high-octane new release. Two tracks into a formal introduction to this band and it’s clear this trio are about to embark on the best adventure yet- captivating a whole new audience with their forthcoming album release. With “Infinity X2” Magick Mountain showcase their ability to project intensity, gritty beats, dominant riffs, and a soundscape built up to a monumental proportion. The trio have effortlessly crafted this sonically infectious, obnoxious and obliterating atmosphere. And amongst this huge personality found within the compositions, Magick Mountain somehow manage to keep their music light and show the fun, vibrant side to this monstrous and powerful instrumentation.

This band are quickly becoming one of the loudest and infectious acts of our time. This band has a certain roguish charm, blasting onto the scene to command your full attention with their shattering soundscapes. The new video captures that fun that exudes from their tones.

‘Weird Feelings’ artwork by Tom Hudson 

‘Weird Feelings’ track list:
1. Bart Cobain
2. Zodiac
3. Cherokee
4. Brown Bread
5. Stranger Danger
6. Colossus
7. Dream Chaser
8. Infinity X2
9. King Cobra
10. The Shitty Beatles
11. The Creeper

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