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MAGICK MOUNTAIN Share New Single “Infinity X2” – Debut Album ‘Weird Feelings’ Due October 23rd

August 11, 2020
Photo credit: Magick Mountain


Share new single “Infinity X2”
Debut album ‘Weird Feelings’ to be self-released on October 23rd

 Leeds band Magick Mountain have shared a new single entitled “Infinity X2,” the latest to be taken from their cacophonous debut album ‘Weird Feelings’ out Oct 23rd.

Magick Mountain is what happens when the planets align and sees seasoned musician Lins Wilson assume her rightful place; leading this fuzzed out, psychedelic, proto-punk power trio, flame red hair flowing and guitar wailing. Having written and performed with many legendary Leeds bands (including Grammatics & Mother Vulpine), Lins is now flanked by like-minded northern noiseniks Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Menace Beach).
Following the recent track “King Cobra, new single “Infinity X2” showcases Magick Mountain’s love of breakneck speed fuzzed out sound, where verses filled with driving mantras melt into a gnarly, psyched up breakdown. The band describe the track as “a psychedelic, punk love song; a direct nod to the idea of being so close to someone that worlds, thoughts and imagined futures merge together.”

This band are injecting fun into this fuzzy high-octane new release. Two tracks into a formal introduction to this band and it’s clear this trio are about to embark on the best adventure yet- captivating a whole new audience with their forthcoming album release. With “Infinity X2Magick Mountain showcase their ability to project intensity, gritty beats, dominant riffs, and a soundscape built up to a monumental proportion. The trio have effortlessly crafted this sonically infectious, obnoxious and obliterating atmosphere. And amongst this huge personality found within the compositions, Magick Mountain somehow manage to keep their music light and show the fun, vibrant side to this monstrous and powerful instrumentation.

This band are quickly becoming one of the loudest and infectious acts of our time. This band has a certain roguish charm, blasting onto the scene to command your full attention with their shattering soundscapes.

With tales of infinite space, otherworldly escapes, hazy dreams and Weird Feelings that weave together the supernatural and the visceral; Magick Mountain are a power trio with colossal riffs, entwining harmonies and fistfuls of wild, distorted energy. They are quickly carving out a place for themselves at the vanguard of an exciting new movement of high octane garage-rock bands, and now they prepare for their first full length release.

Taking its title from the album’s very opening utterances, ‘Weird Feelings’ surges forth, brimming with tales of fantastical worlds, ancient mythology and mystical metaphors. Yet for all its surrealist imagery and dramatic sonic escapades, at its heart ‘Weird Feelings’ is an album about real life and the truth of its creators. The vivid stories and symbolic references create parallel meanings, blurring real feelings and fantasy worlds.In the band’s own words, the album is “a kind of bastardisation of tales and beliefs, blending together past, present and future.”

Amidst minimal lyrics that are often mantra-like and hypnotic in their repetition, Magick Mountain document the passing of time, both scientifically and philosophically, and simultaneously battle demons of both the mental and mystical kind.

Recorded in an unhurried and reflective way over the course of 18 months, the album is comprised of instinctive moments captured at home, in rehearsals, and limited hours in recording studios with producers Margo Broom and James Kenosha. The rushes are kept raw and free-flowing, with the band making a conscious decision to resist the temptation to overproduce. The resulting recordings see the easy-going, natural creative chemistry between the three musicians reverberate gloriously through every kinetically-fueled note. They carry the listener with them on heady adventures of melodic fuzz building to breakneck speed solos that feel as though they could fall apart at any second, but never do. Throughout the exhilarating twists and turns, Lins and Tom’s dual vocal strike forges the way, with their voices often blending to become one. Lins takes the mid-register and Tom sings the higher, falsetto parts – a technique that nods to some of the garage-rock greats who have influenced their sound, but also gives Hudson’s vocals a distinctly different edge to his previous musical outings.

Magick Mountain having already graced the likes of Radio 1, BBC6 Music, Latitude Festival and Live at Leeds with their presence. Now, they prepare to invite the rest of the world into their kaleidoscopic realm of infinite space, otherworldly creations and supernatural power. Be worthy, be brave and they will welcome you gladly into their cacophonous embrace.

‘Weird Feelings’ artwork by Tom Hudson 

‘Weird Feelings’ track list:
1. Bart Cobain
2. Zodiac
3. Cherokee
4. Brown Bread
5. Stranger Danger
6. Colossus
7. Dream Chaser
8. Infinity X2
9. King Cobra
10. The Shitty Beatles
11. The Creeper

https://www.facebook.com/magickmntn/ https://magickmountain.bandcamp.com/

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