Kjartan Sveinsson Releases Volcano Soundtrack

August 6, 2020
photo credit Helen Best

Kjartan Sveinsson Releases Volcano Soundtrack

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and former Sigur Rós member Kjartan Sveinsson has released his second commercially available soundtrack, his single track accompaniment to frequent collaborator Rúnar Rúnarsson’s 2011 film Volcano. It is the second soundtrack release from Sveinsson, following the release of his soundtrack to Runarsson’s 2004 Oscar nominated short film The Last Farm earlier this year

The song is striking, somber and beautiful- the perfect accompaniment to Rúnnarson’s breath-taking visuals. In Kjartans words establishing the right mood with this score, he recalls, “was very hard. Especially when there is not that much music, as in most of Rúner’s films. It has to be exactly right.”

Comprised of overlapping, elegiac strings weaving into one another, Volcano is a testament to Sveinsson’s ability to construct soundtracks that are moving within their own right and also the ideal counterpart to what is occurring on-screen.

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