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August 7, 2020

Keys Unveil New Single  ‘Phases’

Due 7th August via Libertino Records | Single Release Special

Welsh 5 piece KEYS are an act we adore here at Circuit Sweet HQ. We are thrilled to be able to share their new single “Phases” which is out now via Libertino. The band are described as a mix between The Stooges and John Lennon. A legendary band with a prolific status and yet they’ve still got so much more to share. The band have a bold unique style and sound and yet always pull together their skills to craft the most harmonious arrangements.

‘Phases’ is the second single taken from Keys ‘bedroom’ recorded album ‘HOME SCHOOLING: A collection of 4-track rarities’.  As Matthew Evans (vocals / guitar / songwriter) explains:

Phases – When you start realising that these songs were going to be recorded somewhat intimately into a 4-track machine, it has an impact on the type of song you write. As Julian Cope says ‘The verses can lie if the chorus is pretty’. This is one of the most introspective tunes we’ve written. It’s the Lennonesque chords; they insist on a blue feeling.”

“Phases” weaves a rich tapestry of 70’s rock, this charming and addictive new track exudes passion and reflects on an era so few of us had the chance to embrace. The 70’s element captivates- think flared jeans, embracing vinyl and living in a somewhat free world- Keys have captured that atmosphere in their almost 3 minute arrangement.

Libertino · KEYS – Phases

The real intimacy in this track is resonating in the raw chord progression and lasting vocals and captured within this analogue arrangement. A refreshing release that captures the true essence of rock in the fragile yet honest recording environment. The recording efforts just generate a vivid feeling of warmth and depth which runs throughout this composition, setting this track apart from others. The harmony found in the reflective lyrics, cascading through the use of the phaser effect too- everything in this track will consume you. Their sound is unmistakable. And yet, clearly, Keys have evolved. ‘Phases’ is powered by a strong sense of motion. The atmosphere is more pensive and intimate in this track than “This Side Of Luv” which came before, but as we’ve said yet again Keys dazzles. Keys epitomizes the use of expansive grooves and psychedelic attributes. Keys have captured a warm embrace of emotion within their work, a heartfelt harmony created by a modern-day Beach Boys.  Embrace this vivacious outfit.

HOME SCHOOLING is proof of the importance of the spaces left between the integral notes, the spaces that let the songs breathe. The songs range from joyous early 70s Midlands pop, bucolic chamber pop, sweeping Krautrock grooves, fractured Big Star/Bad Finger songcraft to vamping 2 chord proto-punk freak-outs.

Tracklisting: KEYS – ‘Home Schooling’

01. This Side Of Luv
02. Phases
03. The Strain
04. Cold Hands
05. Cargoes
06. Trick Of The Light
07. Your Name Across My Heart
08. Leave Your Mind Behind
09. Home Schooling
10. Pressure Cooker

‘Home Schooling’ set for release August 21st on Libertino Records.



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