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August 15, 2020

Welsh 5 piece KEYS are an act we adore here at Circuit Sweet HQ. We are thrilled to be able to share their third single “The Strain” which is out now via Libertino. The band are described as a mix between The Stooges and John Lennon. A legendary band with a prolific status and yet they’ve still got so much more to share. The band have a bold unique style and sound and yet always pull together their skills to craft the most harmonious arrangements.

The Strain” is taken from Keys forthcoming new album ‘HOME SCHOOLING: A Collection of 4-track rarities’, out on 21/08/20.

Matthew Evans Vocals/Guitar/Songwriting talks us through this personal of songs:

“The Strain is about friendship. I knew it before, but lockdown has really brought home the importance of my friends to me.

There’s a hurt at the heart of The Strain. I was trying to capture what I call the Swansea Soul. I was channelling Pete Hamm. I’m so proud that Badfinger come from Swansea. It blows my mind. I find it quite easy to tap into that sense of longing and what the Welsh call Hiraeth. It’s probably the most personal song I’ve ever written.

Libertino · KEYS – The Strain

The lyrics resonate warmth and emotive appeal which connects to the listener. A passionate and intimate aura has been effortlessly captured within this delicate composition. The vintage vibrance runs so deep in each chord, each distorted twang of the strings, paying homage to a genre of rock which connected so many, a musical output which can alter any envirornment.

The lyrics fusing with the immediate instrumentation is the perfect catalyst to this dedicated movement- ‘The Strain‘ will move you, it sparks such authentic awareness. The timing of this track is much slower to the previous releases and this aids in the atmospheric and dramatic appeal. You take in each harmony that sincerely sways throughout the journey.

Remember when you first heard a poetic Beatles track? Lyrically embracing an emotion, well that beautiful and pure essence they captured within a track which would remain relevant for decades to come- that’s exactly what Keys have achieved. The rhythms feel real, the recording feels aged yet more pure and relelvant than what’s gone before. Yet again, another vital release which will continue to captivate all far into the future.

Keys are about to release one of the most profound and imperative records of our time.

Tracklisting: KEYS – ‘Home Schooling’

01. This Side Of Luv
02. Phases
03. The Strain
04. Cold Hands
05. Cargoes
06. Trick Of The Light
07. Your Name Across My Heart
08. Leave Your Mind Behind
09. Home Schooling
10. Pressure Cooker

‘Home Schooling’ set for release August 21st on Libertino Records.




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