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Kern Parks releases new single “Elephant” via Beth Shalom Records

August 7, 2020
Photo by Esther Booley (@photoswotitook)

Kern Parks releases new single “Elephant” via Beth Shalom Records

With the recent announcement of Kern Parks signing to London based label, Beth Shalom Records, the solo artist has released their second single of 2020 today, Elephant, both digitally and on 7″ vinyl.

Elephant is an exploration of Kern Parks‘ past, examining experiences that hape his present day. Everyone has their “Elephant in the room” that needs addressing, with Kern’s being rumination. Written during his first London winter, what started as a delicate, acoustic ballad transformed into a nostalgic, pulsing piece of 00’s pop. Moving the focus away from his reverb- heavy, stereoscopic brand of dream pop, Elephant provides a refreshing change of pace for the artist, and signifies that he’s not just a one trick pony.

Elephant’ breaks down the barrier between artist and audience, you step through this barricade into this organic aura that Kern Parks has soulfully crafted. The new single is an expressive yet elevated indie-pop triumph. The track embarks on this intimate journey with the use of soft notes, a slower progression and revealing lyrics fused on a subtle yet sublime bed of instrumentation.

Kern Parks captivates with the warmth of these beautiful vocal attributes which are drenched in compassion, truly emotive yet alleviated with the soothing delivery. With the new release, the audience is forced to slow down and take in this immersive instrumentation- let the lyrics play to your senses, fall into this hypnotic track and let it leave its mark with the profound warmth.

Kern Parks is the alias of producer and multi-instrumentalist Kieran Alexander. He is a Nottingham born, London based artist, with a sound perfect for the late, lonely nights. After cutting his teeth in various punk bands, he began recording his own songs indebted to the sounds of dream pop, indie and electronic music, whilst studying music production at University. After several self released singles and EP’s, Kieran is committed to creating a fresh identity for his music, and to keep pushing himself to expand on his influences.



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