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Jonathan Something Shares LP Title Track “Cannibal House Rules”

August 3, 2020

Jonathan Something Shares LP Title Track
Cannibal House Rules

Album Out Friday, August 7th On Solitaire Recordings

This Friday, Jonathan Something will be releasing his new album Cannibal House Rules via Solitaire Recordings.

His third album since 2017, this new LP constitutes a major sonic shift for Something, whose prolific output to this point has seen him cycle through classic pop sounds that recall artists like Nick Lowe, Jonathan Richman, Bruce Springsteen and Todd Rundgren among many others, while maintaining a warped sensibility and crooked sense of humour that gives his songwriting a striking and unique tone.

For his latest effort though he’s turned his gaze in a new direction and created an ambitious and sprawling LP that recombines a vast collection of ’80s aural ephemera into a fascinating new direction. On his first single from the LP, “It’s Hip Not To Try” he tapped into sax-laden 80s balladry and on his follow up “Sticky Love” he created a would be Italo-disco classic that Paste described as “more than a mere homage” to the sounds of the ’80s, on which “the juxtaposition of idiosyncratic synths and theatrical moans with earnest lyrics worked wonders,” and the third “I Tried To Lose You But I Don’t Know How” which “[dips] into the well of hypnagogic pop and earnest ’80s pop balladry” [FLOOD Magazine] channelled Hall & Oates with it’s crystalline pop strut. 

On his latest single, the album’s title track “Cannibal House Rules,” Something presents a concept he claims he came up with while playing Diablo 3 with his friends, bubbling synth lines interacting as he indulges in a relationships-as-cannibalism metaphor that is complicated by his romantic partner being a literal cannibal.

The title track off this album took FOREVER to come together,” Something explains. “It basically became a running joke between my friends and I. I’d send them a new version one day being like, ‘I finally cracked it. HERE’S the final version.’ Then the next day I’d be like no this isn’t right it’s all wrong nothing’s working here. Eventually I got to fiddling around in one of the earlier sessions of the song and put the drums in double-time and it all made sense. It was almost a matter of tricking myself into feeling like it was right. If you check out the Bob Dylan bootleg albums you can hear a similar process where there’s like 25 different versions of vision of ‘Johanna’ and it all eventually came together in one studio session. But it took me months because I was stuck in a cycle of doing it all myself and getting pissed off by the results and getting fatigued by the entire concept of the song.”

Scorching synthesis, perfect modular melody embraces the orchestration before experimental vocals and the perfect 80s rhythm take over. The new single is a pure kaleidoscope of tones, textures and vibrant vocals.

Cannibal House Rules will be released on Solitaire Recordings on August 7th. It is available for preorder here.

01 – Theme To Cannibal House Rules
02 – God Is Goth
03 – Power Moves
04 – Sticky Love
05 – Cannibal’s Reprise
06 – Cake World
07 – The Cannibal’s Den
08 – I Tried To Lose You (But I Don’t Know How)
09 – Firestarter
10 – Escape From Sex City
11 – Idiot In Love
12 – Waves
13 – It’s Hip Not To Try
14 – Voices From Beyond
15 – Cannibal House Rules
16 – You’re Surrounded

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