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HOLODRUM Share Stunning New Single ‘Lemon Chic’

August 9, 2020


Share new single ‘Lemon Chic’

Available to download now via Bandcamp

Disco-infused Leeds band Holodrum have released their third single ‘Lemon Chic’, a dance floor-primed silver glider that sparkles with the touch of members from bands such as Hookworms, Cowtown, Virginia Wing, Drahla, Nope, Mucky Sailor, VIDE0, Bathymetry & Xam Duo.

Formed in Leeds but crackling with a Trans-Atlantic energy, Holodrum are a collaborative seven-piece coming together to create something that uproots the punk and repeato-rock foundations that many of its members had explored in previous projects. They instead relocate themselves amidst a shared love of early DFA Records, whilst looking further back to the likes of Liquid Liquid, Konk, Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club.

‘Lemon Chic’ is the third track to drop from this original set of recordings following on from the warped disco of ‘No Dither’ and the introspective throb of ‘Low Light‘.

Potentially the most streamlined, club-ready cut in the band’s repertoire, ‘Lemon Chic’ is carried along on a wave of Metro Area-esque percussion and cosmic arpeggios, littered with rolling timbales and post-punk guitar stabs. Finished in one last inspired session before the social apocalypse, in an attempt to evoke the glorious union of Nile Rodgers with the tang of yellow citrus fruits, Holodrum invite you to boogie at a distance, and use table service wherever possible.

The impressive aura created in ‘Lemon Chic’ is outstanding. Layering sonic textures before the addition of disco claps, drum beats and the most addictive melody. Think of the urgency of The Juan Maclean mixed with oozing appeal of chk chk chk and Holodrum are that answer. Creating rhythmic orchestrations which will move the audience in each note. Enriching and immersive.

Holodrum are:

Emily Garner
 (vocals), Matthew Benn (synth/bass/programming), Jonathan Nash (drums), Jonathan Wilkinson (guitar), Sam Shjipstone (guitar/vocals), Christopher Duffin (sax/synth) and Steve Nuttall (percussion)

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