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Ghost Liotta Release Debut Self-Titled Album

August 25, 2020
Credit: Kristin Burns

Electronic Supergroup Ghost Liotta Release Debut Self-Titled Album

Los Angeles experimental/electronic supergroup Ghost Liotta have released their self-titled debut full-length. Incorporating vintage and modular synths, live drums, and a pedal steel guitar, the project is a new collaboration between musicians and producers Christopher Wray (Butch Walker), Zac Rae (Death Cab For Cutie), John Spiker (Tenacious D), James McAlister (The National) — McAlister also contributed drums, programming, percussion and synths to three songs on Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore.


1. object one

2. life cycle

3. obe 

4. when we sleep

5. boston 

6. i am thoughts

7. nonlinear b

8. voices 

9. before everything

10. back to dust

The new 10 track release is a beautiful collection of colossal experimental orchestrations, each track delivers a profound piece of electronic soundscapes and robust textures to captivate the audience within their thick web of intricate instrumentation. As each track flows into the next, it’s clear that Ghost Liotta marvel in their musical outreach, effortlessly they build up each of their compositions and thrive off their notes contributing to the creation of such expansive and ever-changing atmosphere.

They tackle their adventurous projection by dynamically changing the course of their journey- be this by the introduction of a new sound wave, by adding in advanced time signatures or shuffles, or by ramping up the intensity within their shimmering rhythms, building in loops and layering their electronic elements. This self-titled album is a bold and explosive listen, Ghost Liotta have created a world within their melodies and it’s one that finds it’s audience captivated.

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