El Ten Eleven share new song from ‘Tautology’ series – out September 18th on Joyful Noise Recordings

August 10, 2020
Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

LA bad, El Ten Eleven have offered a preview of the final installment of their Tautology series, Tautology III (Sept. 18, Joyful Noise Recordings), with the release of “You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her.”

“’You Are A Piece of Me, You Are A Piece of Her’ is a song for my daughter,” explains Kristian Dunn. “The ‘Me’ and ‘Her’ in the title refers to my wife and me. I was envisioning when my wife and I depart this mortal coil someday (hopefully a long time from now!) and thought about my daughter living without us. It made me feel quite melancholy and emotional and this song is the result.”

Another instrumental single which becomes a vital listen. El Ten Eleven continue to redefine this genre and their bold workmanship results in presenting something accessible and intimate.

El Ten Eleven jointly described the arc as “three records that represent the journey from adolescence through end of life. There are shared melodies and harmonies through all of the records, but each of the records has a distinct quality that represents three phases of life. The first (Tautology I), which represents adolescence, is angsty, aggressive and occasionally depressive. The second (Tautology II), which represents middle age, is mid-tempo. The last (Tautology III), which represents the golden years, is more ambient and quiet.”

The Tautology series is initially available digitally with both 3xLP and 3xCD physical versions available on September 18th on Joyful Noise Records. A hyper-limited, multi-color vinyl variant sold out upon announcement, with a limited-edition clear vinyl variant, as well as a standard black vinyl iteration for sale via the Joyful Noise Recordings’ webstore ( 

Tautology is not a typical rock album, and El Ten Eleven are not a typical rock band. For seventeen years the instrumental duo of Kristian Dunn (bass/guitar) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have flourished outside the accepted norms of rock orthodoxy, releasing eight full length albums and four EPs, and performing over 750 live shows. Utilizing inventive arrangements and a masterful use of looping, El Ten Eleven create a sound much bigger than the sum of its parts. Most first-timers to an El Ten Eleven show are stunned that the band is a duo. It’s a refreshing sight and a palette whose boundaries the band have explored for unexpected additions to their sound.

Tautology finds Dunn and Fogarty pushing this sound into new territory, experimenting with a range of textures not heard on previous El Ten Eleven releases. SF Weekly said of the pair’s live performance: “watching El Ten Eleven play is something like watching two superheroes do their thing.” Consequence of Sound called their music “euphoric,” KEXP described their output as “transcendent” and Under The Radar declared the pair’s unique style a “buoyant brand of post-rock.”

autology I track list:

  1. Entropy
  2. With Report
  3. Jejune
  4. Moral Dynamite
  5. Division
  6. Lassitude

Tautology II track list:

  1. Besotted
  2. Shimmer
  3. Nocturne
  4. The Silent Bell That Rings
  5. Half Mast
  6. Queen’s Gambit
  7. Growing Shorter

Tautology III track list:

  1. Farrago
  2. Caducity
  3. You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her
  4. Aubade
  5. Let’s All Go Out Like Francis
  6. Senescent
  7. All of This Bliss Doesn’t Come Without a Price

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