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boxset release new EP ‘batch_six’ out now via Devil Town Tapes | Release Feature

August 28, 2020

boxset release new EP ‘batch_six’ out now via Devil Town Tapes

boxset has joined the ever-growing Devil Town Tapes family to release their new EP which is out now.

The new record is described as a whole new outlook in terms of style from boxset, and the overall tone and essence of this EP exudes both a feeling of patience and a feeling of freedom can be found in batch_six. It’s as if the boundaries of a structure and the songwriting process, this has been scratched and started afresh giving a new warmth to each composition. An air of exploration and adventure yet still capturing emotive appeal and at its core a completely compelling tone and vital vibrancy.

bend kicks off the record, clocking in just after 2 minutes this short track is more than enough to feel the embracive and enveloping environment that boxset curates. The instrumentation intertwines through waves of abrasive rhythms and a compelling harmony that moves this track. Before it follows and plays on this dynamic environment and introduces the distorted yet crucial vocals. This plodding beat drives the force with the infectious chords building up the momentum before a sudden break of intensity.

jar provides scratchier guitar elements and more focus on the deep vocal and lyrical path. The soundscape projects more depth, more dark entities before once again boxset adjusts the atmosphere with the next cut, the more upbeat sounds of pines. The use of ample upstrokes and a quicker pace break the surrounding intensity and the clever sampling building up the voices with the brighter shimmers of the instrumentation makes for a creative combination. gulp slows the urgency and focuses on the melodic momentum graciously being amped up on the building of these layers, loops and experimental elements.

boxset EP batch_six is out now via Devil Town Tapes– the perfect home for this rivetting release.


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