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Aladean Kheroufi Shares New Single ‘Good’ – EP out August 7th

August 6, 2020
credit K. Chrapko

Aladean Kheroufi

Shares New Single ‘Good’

Aladean Kheroufi, the Canadian by way of Algeria multi-instrumentalist and producer is now sharing his new single, ‘Good’ – listen/watch here. The new single follows on from last month’s Cool Hunting-tipped ‘Take A Step’ and previous releases that have found support at Complex, Earmilk and more; this new track is the latest to be lifted from his forthcoming EP, Beauty Beyond Grief which is out this coming Friday, August 7, 2020.

The new EP is a collection of covers that Kheroufi has adapted and evolved into something of his own making. The pandemic arrived into Kheroufi’s life at the time of turbulent personal change with the ending of a longterm relationship and the following relocation that had to take place, a task that is made all the harder when friends and family are unable to help due to social distancing measures. Financially times were tough given the cutting of his day-to-day job and after recently signing-on for his own practice room/studio – a rental agreement that took place in January 2020 – he was left with a space that he was now struggling to afford let alone try and use proper. Beauty Beyond Grief and the tracks on it, therefore, presented a purpose to Aladean and now the listener, they were there to gift a sense of escapism. Something sought after historically with the sounds of disco, funk and soul was being repurposed, musically – with the covering of tracks – as well as thematically, the sounds of the 60s and 70s are here given a contemporary reboot.

With a soul sound that focuses on minimalism, drawing influence from the hidden confidence of Curtis Mayfield’s LIVE!, or the faux-simplicity of Sunny Ozuna’s genre-shifting Tear Drop Records and Key-Loc-signed releases, Kheroufi cements his style by shedding glass-half-full optimism on heartbreak. ‘Good’ arrives part-inspired by Kheroufi’s friends’ band, Ghost Woman with Aladean manipulating their melody and adding his own chords and lyrics around it.

Speaking about the track, Aladean says: “I love songs without a chorus. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing like a good chorus but there’s something about a song that drags on that gives it a narrative. It feels more like real life, there’s no big climax we just go about our lives doing the same thing.”

“I wrote the lyrics of this song after some heartache that made it hard for me to focus for a while but this was the first one to pull me out of that state of mind. I recorded it in my studio during the most self-isolating times of quarantine and it’s heavily inspired by my friend’s band Ghost Woman. I always find it hard to know if in a song under 4 minutes I get my point across, but I feel like I got a lot off my chest here.”

Good is beautifully reflective and a sense of ‘real’ flows through this intimate projection. Electronic beats count Aladean into this deceptively calming piece. Aladean’s gentle vocals lull the listener into a hypnotic groove, yet the feeling of honesty is relayed in such a manor it’s hard to realise the lyrics are so serious. The overall intimate vibe is soothing until an explosive finale.

From the age of 17, Kheroufi’s touring career began before cutting his teeth further as a session player which lead to spots performing within acts such as The Velveteins and Marlaena Moore. As part of these set ups, Kheroufi opened for the likes of Angel Olsen, Night Beats and Orville Peck, whilst as a solo artist, he has performed alongside both Michael Rault and Daniel Romano. After four years of consistent touring across North America and Europe, Kheroufi settled in New York before heading to Edmonton, Canada,  shifting his attention from busy touring schedules to penning his own music.

Aladean Kheroufi
Beauty Beyond Grief
August 7, 2020

1. Any Other Way
2. Good
3. Take A Step

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