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The Cry Share New Single, as part of Joint Collaboration between Dowd Records & Lurkville Skateboards!

July 8, 2020

California’s The Cry Share New Single,
as part of Joint Collaboration
between Dowd Records & Lurkville Skateboards!

To kick-off a summer long collaboration between Dowd Records and Lurkville SkateboardsThe Cry are releasing their new single “Everything And Nothing” exclusively on a flexi vinyl single that is included with a limited edition Lurkville skateboard deck.

“Everything And Nothing” is an abrasive addictive high octane orchestration from the band- perfect resilient rock. The pounding vocals instantly captivate and as the lyrics develop and progress fusing with the biting instrumentation all of which unite to heighten the audiences’ senses with the energy projected. It’s heavy, enigmatic, and addictive. “Everything And Nothing” is a seriously subversive track from The Cry, they’ve unleashed this track to celebrate a beastly collaboration.

Team Clermont · The Cry "Everything And Nothing"

Each skateboard deck comes with the limited edition flexi vinyl and also has a QR code printed on the deck that opens a Lurkville X Dowd Records exclusive streaming website featuring singles and even full albums from Dowd recording artists before they are released to the public. The skateboard deck graphics are inspired by the album artwork from Beautiful Reasons and were designed by Miguel Aldana.

Lurkville Skateboards was founded in 2010 by skateboarders, music fanatics, and friends Tyrone Taylor, Julian Vazquez and David Vazquez who wanted to bring the energy and aesthetic of early rock n’ roll culture to the skateboard world. Lurkville is a global skateboard brand with pros Brendan Keaveny and Chris Larue on the team roster.

An entire generation of skateboarders fell in love with The Cry in the early 90s after hearing songs from their LP Beautiful Reasons in the 1990 skateboard video Hokus Pokus from H-Street Skateboards. Hokus Pokus is now regarded as one of the most iconic skateboard videos ever with the soundtrack always praised.

It was then, as they were getting more and more attention and being courted by a major label that they did something completely unexpected. They disappeared.

Beautiful Reasons, which only had a limited cassette release, became a thing of legend. The Cry’s heartfelt vocals, jangly guitars, upbeat drumming, and distinct bass lines never stopped attracting new fans, or growing in the hearts of old fans, and over the next 25+ years they achieved something of a cult status.

In 2016 a song from Beautiful Reasons was again featured in a skate video, this time in the artistic masterpiece I Like It Here In My Mind… from Pontus Alv and Polar Skate Co. and a whole new generation of skaters were exposed to The Cry. Inspired and empowered by their fans, old and new, The Cry started writing and releasing new music.

Their new material shows them at a new peak. The songs are just as upbeat, earnest and unforgettable as the music that built their myth. Maybe even more so. Their songwriting is more confident than ever, their current releases see them exploring new tones and embracing catchy hooks and sad nuance like few can. The Cry are releasing a string of new singles leading up to a full length LP expected in 2020.

For music and decks- https://dowdrecords.com/store

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