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Rosehip Teahouse Set To Release New Single ‘Thought Number 3’ July 31st + Debut EP “Chillin In The Void” Due August 14th Via Sad Club Records | Single Special

July 24, 2020

Rosehip Teahouse Set To Release New Single ‘Thought Number 3’ July 31st

Debut EP “Chillin In The Void” Due August 14th Via Sad Club Records

Single Special

Earlier this month, Cardiff sensations Rosehip Teahouse dropped their rivetting new single release “Regretting It” out via Sad Club Records.

Now the band are about to release their second single titled “Thought Number 3”, due July 31st. With the single, the band are also sharing details of their forthcoming, highly anticipated debut EP release “Chillin in the Void’ due 14th August. So eager for this record we are sure this will be featured heavily on a lot of peoples ‘record of the year’ lists.

Rosehip Teahouse creates such a rich tapestry of intricate instrumentation and out of this world ethereal vocals. The loveable five-piece consists of Faye, Tony, Will, Josh and Teddy.

Rosehip Teahouse formed originally by Faye Rogers (Guitar & Vocals) back in 2015, playing only a small number of house shows and DIY gigs, Faye crafted these subtle and delicate songs, which command your attention, from start to finish. Recorded DIY style, using any means possible, Faye was later joined by friend Will Dickins (Drums). The two began to create music to soothe the soul, and since the early Bandcamp singles, have formed a densely layered, full band with Tony Williams (Guitar), Josh Dickins (Bass) and Teddy Hunter (Keys), playing several intimate shows in and around Cardiff.

With their latest release, the audience is introduced to a quick snapshot into the alluring delicate orchestrations that Rosehip Teahouse finely craft. Thought Number 3 confirms Rosehip Teahouse are embracing the creative reawakening of sincere pop, this act are lyrically strong and continue to provide stirring emotional indie pop at it’s very best.

At only 1 minutes 45, Thought Number 3 is a powerful and enchanting new release, sustaining a gentle and provoking atmosphere within a short time frame. Highlighting the tentative vocals and reflective tones from Faye and the lasting twinkling notes that shimmer against the lustrous harmonies. This short yet special track feels like a soft serenade, the sincere nature of Rosehip Teahouse’s captivating songwriting skills are enriched by the acts’ musical sensibilities. This poetic lyrical touch is an enlightening experience from an act that has this genuine prolific creative output. Emotive and embracing, this track feels more like a lullaby compared to the dark depths of the lyrical journey.

There are few singers in this world that can truly harness and control emotive power within their vocal abilities and range, but Faye is a talent that owns this ability- a truly expressive artist. We want to see Rosehip Teahouse tour with the likes of Lomelda for the best of emotional engaging pop-triumphants.

Of the forthcoming single release, Faye states:

“I wrote this song a couple of years back now. I was really struggling with my mental health, and this song was my expression of feeling as if my problems were stopping me from being able to live my life in the way I wanted to.”

“The version of this song on the EP is the one I recorded the day I finished writing the song in 2017, miserable in my room at my parents’ house using a cheap microphone and garageband on an old macbook that I was putting off returning to my ex. It feels like a long time ago now, but every time I hear it, it feels like 3am in that room that was

“Thought Number 3” due July 31st, Debut EP due August 14th. Follow the band on their socials to hear more.




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