Psychic Markers Release New Mixtape “Blue Dreams, or Sucre De La Pastéque”

July 26, 2020

Psychic Markers share “Blue Dreams” + release of new mixtape “Blue Dreams, or Sucre De La Pastéque”

Psychic Markers share another hypnotic track from their upcoming mixtape Blue Dreams, or Sucre De La Pastéque. Today’s shared track, titled ‘Blue Dreams’, uses a sample of a 60’s housewife reflecting on taking LSD for the first time, set against a dreamy soundscape. 

Of the track Dufficy states…”One morning I was in an internet rabbit hole and I stumbled across some footage of a 60’s housewife taking LSD for the first time. The way she describes what it was doing to her mind/body, a sort of hope wrapped up in sadness or nostalgia for a forgotten memory or an unknown future… It directly resonated with me.

These are weird times and it makes you think about the real things like friends and family, these feelings crept their way into my songs. The last track has my 3-year-old son Orbison singing a song he wrote, in other parts you can hear nature recordings that were made in my mums’ backyard in Australia. It was my way of keeping them close to me while we waited out the days.” 

The album, split into two parts, was recorded during lockdown between London and Paris, where band members Leon Dufficy and Steven Dove were holed up respectively. Initially recorded as a bonus cassette for the self-titled album Psychic MarkersBlue Dreams, or Sucre De La Pastéque is a collection of new ideas manifesting and is available digitally now.

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