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New Fries Share New Single “Lily” – New Album Is The Idea Of Us Out On August 7th via Telephone Explosion

July 29, 2020

New Fries Share New Single

New Album Is The Idea Of Us Out On August 7th
via Telephone Explosion

New Fries are sharing the final single from their forthcoming album Is The Idea Of Us, out on August 7th through Telephone Explosion (Badge Epoque Ensemble, Pantayo, Chandra, Scott Hardware). The band’s first new material since 2016’s More (produced by Holy Fuck‘s Graham Walsh), “Lily” is a perfect example of New Fries’ glitching and fidgeting No Wave inspired meditations.

Lily owns this deep groove which captivates the listener, a groove and bass beat that can give New Order a run for their money. With angular and brash textures later joining the erratic yet lasting journey before hypnotic lyrics posses you. New Fries create course, gritty and totally mesmerizing tracks which move you.

On the new track, the band offered, “Lilydale, New York is a caged community inhabited almost exclusively by mediums–those who communicate with the spirit world. It is a community of liars and people with special spiritual gifts. People across North America travel here to connect with the deceased. Anni spent many summers in Lilydale as a kid–her grandfather was a medium.

The Toronto-based experimental legends are one of the best kept secrets in the city, and with their new album they delve deeper into their unconventional, ever-changing sound. Working closely withCarl Didur (Zacht Automaat, formerly U.S. Girls), they settled on a fresh new direction. Focusing more on space and repetition, finding the in-between and reflecting on it, examining that transition. Is The Idea Of Us is anxious in its repetitions and unsure of genre, a reflection of musicians and non-musicians making music together; New Fries insist on doing it differently.

Is The Idea Of Us is out on August 7th on Telephone Explosion. It is available for pre-order here.

1. Bangs
2. Genre
3. Lily
4. Mt. Tambora
5. Genre
6. Ploce
7. Genre
8. Genre
9. L’Express
10. Genre
11. Genre
12. Arendt / Adler / Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley
13. Genre


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