Matmos share two new singles ft. Giant Swan and Yo La Tengo, new album The Consuming Flame out Aug. 21st

July 30, 2020

Matmos share two new singles ft. Giant Swan and Yo La Tengo, new album The Consuming Flame out Aug. 21st

Ahead of the release of sprawling new album The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form, due out August 21st, Matmos have shared two new excerpts from the record’s second disc: “lo! Lavendar River Karez”, featuring Yo La Tengo, and “I’m On The Team” featuring Giant Swan and Rabit.

While “I’m On The Team” harks back to previous album Plastic Anniversary with its angular dancehall swagger, “lo! Lavendar River Karez” offers a relative moment of calm, seemingly unshackled from rhythmic restraints in it’s serene ambient haze while still burbling forward at the album’s steady tempo of 99 beats-per-minute. Taken as a pair, the two tracks highlight the wildly eclectic span of contributors, mood and texture encapsulated on the record, while remarkably retaining Matmos’ distinct and unique voice despite the promiscuously open nature of the collaborations.

Matmos’ practice of creative constraint has made them one of the most consistently exciting acts in electronic music. The duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel are well known for their long-standing practice of sampling unusual sound sources and experimenting with conceptual restrictions. As a couple in life and music for more than 25 years, Schmidt and Daniel have a particularly democratic approach to music making, each taking it in turns to come up with the framework or starting point for an album. The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form was conceived by M.C. Schmidt, who made the decision to orient the record around a deceptively simple commitment. 99 different musicians were asked to contribute to the recording with only one instruction: they could play anything that they wanted, but the tempo of any rhythmic material had to be set at 99 beats per minute. The resulting album is a three-hour long assemblage that travels across a shifting kaleidoscope of genre, mood and density, all synchronized to a constant underlying tempo.

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