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MARIA-M Announces New Single “Endtimes” Due July 10th Via Year Of Glad

July 5, 2020

MARIA-M Announces New Single “Endtimes” Due Via Year Of Glad

MARIA-M (they/them), the solo project from the brains behind acclaimed ambient pop outfit Grawl!x, has announced the release of a new single via Year Of Glad, an offering of solidarity in lockdown with all download proceeds going to Derbyshire LGBT+. 

We can’t praise this artist enough, forever creating the most joyous and stunning intricate orchestrations. Maria-M‘s new single Endtimes is a profound new effort from this inspiring musician.

Endtimes is more than a single, it’s a triumphant movement. Maria-M has mastered the creation of crafting a stunning innovative ethos in the entirety of Endtimes. Maria-M is a master of weaving an array of complex textures within their creations. Endtimes not only emphasizes that talent but brings in additional samples and buoyant beats to spark the upbeat and hopeful charm this arrangement conveys. Vibrant, harmonious and drenched in real emotion, Maria-M will captive and elate any audience. This is easily one of the most powerful releases of 2020 and then some. Cherish the charm of this composition.

Describing the track, Maria- M explains: “a song of hope, reminding myself mostly that though things can seem a little overwhelming these days, things are hopefully getting better (Particularly for marginalised groups) & that while there are doomsdayers & the naysayers; there are also brave wonderful folks who are fighting to make people’s lives better.” 

I decided it would be nice to convey this through a trans couple Yvonne & Chloe who have been separated because of the pandemic but are there for each other with love & here’s hoping- I chose to use text-to-speech voices cos I thought it sounded cool! Taa; luv ye & stay safe!! Luv Maria-M”

The track is described as taking influence from Toro Y Moi and Grimes, featuring Maria’s uniquely mesmerizing vocal performance backed by raw digital electro pop moving at speed. It’s their first release via the Year Of Glad, a Derby-based collective specializing in outsider pop music, art and writing.

The single features a garage influenced remix by label mate Tom John Hall, an incredible re-work of a brilliant release and a stunning 9-minute ambient B side completely unconventional yet entirely fresh and inventive, showing the ambition and breadth of Maria’s vision, and a sign of things to come for this exciting and esoteric solo project.

Maria-M Endtimes Due July 10th Via Year Of Glad



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