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July 15, 2020



Introducing Leeem. The Bristol-based musician Liam O’Connell is best known on the site for his work in the experimental act My Octopus Mind. With his new solo outfit, we have the first experience of listening to the intimate sounds of Liam’s projections. Chaos is consuming but with the new single “Laudanum” due July 17th, this chaos has been crafted into a fragile yet equally ferocious composition.

Bearing no relation to the drug laudanum, this song is an attempt to calm the mind whilst anxiety reigns king. Springing from a deep youthful love for Scott Matthews and Ane Brun, the song was developed over an afternoon’s noodling on the guitar. By the evening, a rough version had been recorded and within three days a line was drawn and completion declared.

The video seemed obvious: a borrowed camera, a local nature reserve, a sunny day and a housemate, trapped by lockdown and in need of something to do. The only request was to be ‘dreamy’, and off they drifted. 

We are delighted to share the new video in full below:

The new track is the perfect introduction to Leeem. An artist who has created such a delicate and inspiring arrangement yet the distinctive and distinguished deliverance leaves you in awe. Gentle instrumentation intricately sways the movement and the aura, but the layered and soft lyrics and warm vocals just captivate. Such a raw vision bought to life with pure emotion present throughout the entirety of Laudanum, Leeem has crafted a track that instantly evokes warm-heartedness within the ample organic textures created. Laudanum is a refective piece, twinkly notes and an abundance of swirling soundscapes swoon the listener from all angles.

The single will be released Friday 17th July and we urge you to add this stunning release to your collection. Leeem will lift you, let the new single consume you.

The single artwork as pictured above, is a photo taken in Australia in 2013 with a broken camera and its inspiring natural glitches. 

Leeem Laudanum out Friday 17th July.

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