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Josiah Johnson Shares New Single Taken From Debut album ‘Every Feeling on a Loop’ Out 4th September

July 30, 2020

Photo Credit: Sela Shiloni




Growing up curious and bright in an insular, conservative community, Josiah Johnson learned early on to discern which parts of himself were welcome and which were not. Though he felt love in that community, it was a smaller love than what he needed. Now, though, after years of self-study and self-healing, Johnson is ready to pen the next chapter of his life. That next chapter includes his new single, out today. 

Painstakingly beautiful with it’s honest and raw lyrical insight. This track resonates warmth, reflection and utter beauty. The vital lyrics of the track have an intimate essence to them, truthful and not all as bright and sunny as the overall projection. But through the lyrics, the upbeat vibes of the whimsical instrumentation, building on intricate layers of beats, shuffles, complimenting vocal harmonies, soothing shimmers and soulful rhythms- these additions result in a song enriched with feel-good momentum and a compassionate brave foundation. A testament to the importance of this composition and this artist.

For a long time,” he says, “I held onto a lot of shame around the softness and sensitivity – around the nurturing parts of myself.” The track is featured on Johnson’s upcoming debut album ‘Every Feeling On A Loop’, to be released on 4th September.

We are beginning as a culture to reckon with gender roles and expectations, different standards and power dynamics. As someone who can fall back on presenting pretty straight, but has known I’m queer for a long time, I have been in process shedding my internalized homophobia and claiming my sensitivity, nurturing nature, my yin qualities as strengths. So when I sing “I’m a woman in a man’s life,” it holds empowerment for me,” Johnson explained.

On ‘Every Feeling on a Loop’, lush musical arrangements and harmonies support Johnson’s baritone crooning. At times, the songs sound like prayers. At others, his exuberance feels like the euphoria he’d always sought, this time hard-earned and wiser. He says he feels like a new person making it, charting his journey out of the dark into the wide-awake of the morning, using the magic that was his all along.

“I’ve learned to love my process,” Johnson says. “I’ve learned to love when I’ve taken the long way and where I get to admit mistakes. Humility and uncertainty are welcome. Being seen for who I am and where I’m at is my priority. And I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The result of that new courage bears out in how I’m able to be a better friend to the people I love. That’s the gift.”



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