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Jonathan Personne (of Montréal band Corridor) Shares New Single & Announces Solo Record

July 4, 2020

Jonathan Personne

Shares new single: ‘Springsteen’


Announces album: Disparitions – August 28, 2020

Jonathan Personne – the solo project by Jonathan Robert, member of Sub Pop-signed Montreal band Corridor – presents his new single ‘Springsteen’ and announces the release of his sophomore album, Disparitions, on August 28 on Michel Records.

The Montreal songwriter remains faithful to his intimate and sensitive writing, inspired by a moment when music became a source of disgust for him: “I spent a lot of time touring away from home. Towards the end, I felt like I was reluctantly going to do something that I had long wished for,” he explains.

With ‘Springsteen’, Jonathan Personne mixes and matches the best of different eras: the 12 string acoustic guitar combined with the nostalgic voice overlays from the 60s, while glimpsing at 70s classic rock – also recalled by the title of the song – with a touch of glam-rock underneath. “Springsteen” is a striking first single, announcing a substantial sophomore album nourished by the observations and feelings surrounding the world and its slow demise.

The new single exudes soul. Jonathan Personne has captured such a pure rhythm and delectable honest and resilient rock within ‘Springsteen‘. The perfect introduction to an artist you’re bound to love. The new arrangement captures a form of feel-good nostalgia, with elements of psychedelia and a true upbeat atmosphere- this track is such a masterpiece on all levels. Abrasive guitar strokes noodle throughout the composition, layered with the complimenting addition of Jonathan’s gentle yet soothing vocals which showcase a dynamic range and powerful lyrics. “Springsteen” is surprisingly stirring, a truly expressive piece.

Jonathan Personne is the solo project of Jonathan Robert, also known as the writer, singer and composer of Montreal band, Corridor, as well as being known for his works in visual arts and animated video. Inspired by the idea of the potential end of the world, his debut album Histoire Naturelle (2019), revealed a collage of songs, recordings, and experimentations at the confluence of desert dream pop, western spaghetti rock, and jangle pop.

1. Personne
2. Terre Des Hommes
3. Disparitions
4. Signes De Vie
5. Dans La Chambre
6. Springsteen
7. Dernier Train
8. Grand Soleil
9. Au Final
10. Évidemment

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