July 13, 2020



Glaswegian pop duo and ones to watch for 2020, HYYTS, have shared their new single ‘Dreamkiller’ and the cinematic, arthouse-horror-inspired video via Warner Records UK.

Influenced by their joint love of horror films, ‘Dreamkiller’ flaunts 80’s-synth-pop sonics of the genre’s golden age accompanied by a modern, arthouse horror video directed by Thomas James (Sam Fender, Ghostpoet), mixing hallucinatory dreamscapes with the stuff of nightmares akin to the cinematography and storytelling of their favourite filmmaker, Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary), and Robert Eggers (The Lighthouse).

Chatting about the video, they say:

Sam: “we love horror films so much, I feel like it plays with your head – it can all be so far fetched yet you’re left feeling it could all be real.” Adam: “yeah and we love when art transcends into more than it intends to, like when movies do more than they should for your emotions. So we put together all our ideas for the shoot and two weeks later went to this beach in Essex, which we discovered is a f***ing long way from Glasgow. It was all socially distanced and I got covered in treacle and Sam was in the ocean at like 2AM on the Sunday morning.” Sam: “yeah, I also drew the guy we had playing the monster with the haunting mask and that was pretty terrifying. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a horror film and always wondered if it’s as scary to film as it is to watch..” Adam: “well, it was freezing and there were tiny bugs everywhere which was actually quite scary. Then we were filming in a weird old house, and I don’t know if Thomas was trying to freak us out and get into character but he said that someone had died there and it was actually haunted.” Sam: “I think it was definitely haunted because there was that demonic jobby left in one of the toilets” 

Inspired by unconventional sounds and production and with a sonic palette that traverses genres, their sound oscillates between underground club culture to production laced with brooding beats and soaring pop ambition. The duo also draw influence from their individual personal lives, with frontman Adam’s work as a music therapist in some of Scotland’s toughest prisons providing a deep pool of emotion in his powerful vocal, teamed with the theatre of sonic weaver Sam’s performance, drawing from his time curating and promoting underground tech nights around Edinburgh. 

‘Dreamkiller’ follows on from ‘The Low Sound’, their first single via major label Warner Records which kicked off what is set to be their breakthrough year with a raft of support including being selected as Jack Saunders’ ‘Next Wave’ artist on Radio 1 and being remixed by influential DJ/producer Krystal Klear. 

Chatting previously about the use of contrast in their music, Adam says- “Our personalities completely contrast – Sam is the illusive and quiet one, headphones in and getting inspiration from all angles and genres, putting weird sounds and erratic production over my completely different approach of bubblegum pop and cheesy lyrics.” and continuing the theme with Dreamkiller saying “it fits into our obsession with the contrast of dark and light – lyrically it’s centered around that really dark feeling of betrayal and dejection from a failed relationship, but on the flipside we also just wanted to write a really good pop song.”

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